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Become part of a large, diverse product organisation where you will never stop learning!

In our cross-functional teams, we develop products for all our users. We work with quantitative and qualitative usage data - whether it's for short-term iterations or larger, strategic initiatives. We rely on your analytical and problem-solving skills to improve our products together. For us, knowledge sharing between all team members is essential to enable your personal and our business development.

We rely on user research and involve our analytics teams. We know from experience that thorough, early coordination helps to ensure that everyone has the same understanding and is pulling in the same direction. Turn your ideas into our products and become a product manager at one of our sub-brands XING, kununu, InterNations, Prescreen or Honeypot. Bring your expertise to the team and let yourself be inspired - together we will develop solutions that really make a difference.

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    Product Owner – B2B E-Commerce Self Service (m/w/d)

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That is what we are convinced of!

Überzeugung im Produktmanagement

We are united by the desire to constantly improve ourselves in order to be able to develop even better products for our users. We believe that professional exchange is extremely important for this, according to the motto "If you improve, we all improve together!" Be it at internal training days, which we organise four times a year, or in weekly product all-hands meetings. With us, you have the opportunity to improve your technical core competencies as well as your soft skills in our own Product Academy, among other things. But of course, networking and knowledge transfer is also important to us outside of our company: We are in active exchange with other leading digital companies and are happy when our colleagues get involved at meetups or with blogposts to share experiences and thus contribute to the professional exchange in the product community.


Our values

Verbesserung im Produktmanagement

Get better! 

learn continuously and exchange your experience with others.

Scheitern im Produktmanagement

Fail early! 

Be brave and ship products to learn quickly.

Erwartungen im Produktmanagement

Clarify expectations! 

Actively ensure that everyone understands the goal and is committed to it.

Zusammenarbeit im Produktmanagement

Join forces!

Don’t shy away from collaboration, so that we have a bigger overall impact. 

Involvieren im Produktmanagement

Get involved!

Play an active part in our Product @ NEW WORK Community.  

Strahlkraft im Produktmanagement

Spread Strahlkraft!

Go out and share how we practice Product @ the NEW WORK SE!

your experience Your first impression

Judith gives you a first insight into the product management of our sub brand XING. If you have any questions about what it's like at our other sub brands, just get in touch with us - we'll be happy to help! Unfortunately, the video is in German only - if you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Your life as a product manager 

Job Leben im Produktmanagement

If you already have a background in product management, you will certainly be able to draw some parallels to your previous activities. Nevertheless, it is certainly interesting for you and especially for those who want to enter this field, what the life of a product manager actually looks like in the cosmos of NEW WORK SE. Our colleague Lennard, product manager at XING, has published a great article about this, in which his wife describes how his job affects her:

“You take a product and think about how it can be improved. Then you work with a team of developers to make it better and with a UX designer to make it user friendly. In one sentence, product management is analysing a product to pinpoint problems and implementing solutions to fix those problems.”

This description is quite "on point". However, in many places product management as such does not seem to be understood at its core and is rather confused with project management. "A company where senior leaders are not yet ready to let others take ownership of the product is no place for a product manager. I hear this frequently and have experienced this myself." That's why it's important to us to show you that product management at NEW WORK is lived the way product management deserves to be lived. Because we value you and your ideas and also want to offer you an environment that inspires you and motivates us in the team.


"Strong product teams expect a high degree of autonomy in how they build their products. But autonomy is not something you claim — it’s something you can only earn through successful alignment with stakeholders, peers and within your team."

To improve this alignment, the XING product management team has developed the principle of "Auftragsklärung" - a platform for cooperation and collaboration on equal terms.



Produktmanagement Zukunftsziel

You've come to the right place if you...

... prefer to be a pioneer rather than a copycat.

Our strength in product management lies in the diversity of our teams - for us, there is no one classic career path. It is important to us that you are curious and enjoy trying out new things. That you can work agilely and are willing to discuss approaches constructively. Together, we want to develop outstanding products that our customers love and enjoy using. Are you in?

Find your job here!
Find your job here!

Your HAPPINESS Your Benefits at NEW WORK SE



  • Mobile devices also availabe for private use 
  • Summer and Christmas parties
  • Drinks, food & goodies 
  • Social and diversity day, mentor month
  • Bus and train ticket 
  • Bike leasing 


  • Health consulting services 
  • Accident and health insurance 
  • Company doctor and flu shots 
  • Height-adjustable desks 
  • Company pension 
  • Sports classes 
Family & Leisure

Family & Leisure

  • Sabbatical and part-time options  
  • Remote work option
  • Trust-based working hours
  • Restaurant vouchers and employee discount 
  • Magazines of the Burda publisher 
  • Kids christmas party 
Culture & Development 

Culture & Development 

  • Communication on equal terms

  • Lived culture of failure

  • Mood-o-Meter Feedback / questions for the board 

  • Personal development thanks to internal and external workshops

  • Transparent, competitive salary

  • Hackweeks

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