Data Protection and Compliance

Integrity and transparency in business processes

Sustainable corporate governance goes hand in hand with integrity and transparency in business processes. Data protection, privacy and compliance are key aspects here, and as a company revolving around a digital network, we process large amounts of data, meaning we also shoulder a great responsibility.

As our business model is based on a digital network, data protection and privacy are of utmost importance to us since any violations would pose a considerable risk to our business activities and severely harm our organisation. We are aware of the responsibility we have in handling the personal data of our users, customers, employees, business partners and other third parties. This is why we ensure strict confidentiality of any personal data, handling it with particular care and protecting it in the best possible way. In doing so, we always comply with and often even surpass legal standards.

We set great store on prevention by educating our employees and adopting suitable internal standards and processes. In addition, our management team follows strict corporate governance, data protection and compliance requirements. And in September 2017 we introduced a whistleblowing tool that allows employees to report violations, which can be submitted anonymously if preferred.

In our CSR report you can find out which measures we have established in our company to ensure data protection, privacy and compliance.

CSR-Report 2019

Download our 2019 CSR-Report here.

CSR-Report 2019

Download our CSR report for the year 2019 here.

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