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Join our international UX team and help shape the future of work

NEW WORK SE’s vision is to strive ‘for a better working life’. Our 100-strong UX team pursues this vision by creating ideas and crafting designs that enable our members, partners and customers to tailor their working life to suit their own needs and preferences. By doing so, we make a tangible difference to some 19 million people’s professional lives in German-speaking countries, while also forging a new understanding of work. Join us and turn ideas into designs.

What we're all about

User Experience (UX) is the science and art of enhancing user satisfaction by designing products that are easy to use, address user needs and drive business goals, while seizing technical opportunities in the best-possible way.

UX at NEW WORK SE involves the following pillars: information architecture, interaction design, visual design, communication design, user research & analytics and copywriting. We draw on this combination of disciplines when deriving our UX roles and, ultimately, the holistic end-user experience.

Our UX mission: 
We create insights-led design and copy solutions that have meaningful impact for both our user and business. 

Our UX vision: 
As a world class UX team, we champion a culture of user-centricity to deliver a brand our users love. 

Our values

We drive user-centric products

We develop user knowledge

We act as the voice of the user

We work experimental & lean

We share knowledge and ensure alignment

We stand in for high quality

What you can look forward to Our annual UX Summit

If it's not a pandemic, we completely disconnect once a year for two to three days. Nice location, somewhere in the countryside, with lots of space for ideas, workshops, presentation, small talk, party and new horizons. Our last two summits had to be held online. That works too, but of course it looks a bit different ...

Zooming in What makes UX at NEW WORK special


UFC (User Feedback Coffee)

The UFC is a regular and simple method we use to gather initial feedback from users. It’s there to 

  • sound out a rough idea,
  • collect insights about something small,
  • test a single screen or small feature,
  • gather reasons and concrete user stories

This method is very similar to speed dating and can take place in the office or online. When sessions start, each participating team is placed with one user. After 15 minutes, the teams rotate and move on to the next user so they end up talking to four users in one hour. 

Design spikes

At NEW WORK we practise an agile method called ‘design spike’. This means we assign at least two designers to work together for a few days with aim of solving a problem, but without being forced to come up with turnkey output. A design spike is designed to provide a safe space where designers can let their imaginations run wild. Design spikes have proven to be highly fruitful for us, having accelerate team creativity and out-of-the-box thinking far beyond our expectations.

Copywriting workshops

Text is the key to understanding and navigating an online platform. Users need to understand us if we want them to feel supported in their working life. Our copy conveys our messages along with our corporate values. During our monthly copy workshops we show colleagues what exactly this means and what it all has to do with user obsession. Anyone at NEW WORK SE can attend our copy workshops.

Design Operations

Our Design Operations team creates the conditions needed for designers to produce their very best work by orchestrating how to go about things:

  • How we work together
  • How we get work done
  • How our work creates impact

By clarifying the ‘how’, our design, copywriting and research teams can focus on the ‘what’. Design operations focuses on software, tools, principles and processes, interface management, special UX formats, training, team events and onboarding new colleagues with a view to fostering an environment for maximum user centricity.

Using one-pagers to raise ideas and make decisions

The ideas we come up with are always a kind of concept that different departments, such as UX, product, tech and marketing, can either take or leave. To decide on whether to run with an idea, we create a one-pager outlining the problem, criteria for success, as well as the opportunities and risks. One-pagers favour succinct factual information over personal preferences to remove bias and ensure the content is accessible to every stakeholder, in turn providing a sound basis for weighing up an idea and comparing it to other proposals.


Serve User Needs & Deliver Awesome Experiences - SUNDAE for short.

We’re by no means alone with this mantra, which is why we invite everyone to an one-day English-language conference geared towards professional UX exchange. We bring together various speakers from different companies and interdisciplinary backgrounds so they can share their experiences on select topics.

Watch the videos below for an idea of what SUNDAE talks feel like:

SUNDAE talks #5

SUNDAE talks #4

SUNDAE talks #3


Introducing design critiques to large UX organisations

by Jan Kiekeben

Everyone is used to critique design. It is easy to judge the design work of others by one's own point of view and to quickly think: “I’d have done it differently.” Jan Kiekeben, Product Designer and Design Ops Manager at one of our brands XING, adressed this cruical topic of critiquing design and giving each other feedbackin one of his recent articles. 

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