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Interview with Caroline Scholtes

Learn more about UX and User Research at XING.

Hi Caroline! Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Hi, I’m Caroline and I work at XING since 2017. I studied psychology and rather coincidentally discovered the UX topic back then. By now I’m a passionate UX researcher and am proud to work in such a cool team.

What is great about working at NEW WORK SE as a UX Researcher?

Most colleagues are keen on learning from/about our users and it’s awesome to work in such a big UX community, being able to connect various insights and expertise. We have very different and complex products, and it’s never a ‛one-trick-pony’. 

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I usually plan or conduct research, e.g. interviewing users in our UX lab. And of course I analyse data and share the results on a regular basis. Communication is key when focussing on our users, and this requires quite a few meetings throughout the week. It’s important to exchange and collaborate, which I really like to do as well, whether it’s remote via Zoom or face to face in our office meeting spaces.

Berufsgruppen bei der NEW WORK SE

From your perspective, what are the key factors that make a good user interface design?

From my research perspective I’d say that a good 
user interface design addresses and fulfills the needs of the user. A designer would probably say that you need a clear structure, a design that intuitively helps users understand the context and function. On top of that, design should delight users.

What’s your team set-up at XING?

We’re a central user research team and work as dedicated researchers on various projects, together with product teams consisting of POs, designers, marketeers, developers and copywriters. We really cover a broad spectrum of stakeholders depending on the scope of the project. This means we not only offer a shared service, but also drive our own initiatives. It’s nice to have plenty of options, like collaborating closely with our analytics colleagues or brand research team and connecting behavioural and attitudinal data to form a holistic picture.

Why is NEW WORK SE the right employer for you?

I appreciate the freedom of working my own way, being able to choose my working hours and work remotely, for instance. I also value the freedom to plan my own projects individually (to a certain degree) and engage in bigger projects, e.g. OKR community of practice work. I feel my employer supports me in exploring various fields of work and different skills.

What was the most interesting project you’ve worked on at XING?

Actually, there were so many interesting projects. I’m really not exaggerating when I say I learn something new during every project, which is what keeps the job interesting. My most exciting project was preparing for a decision on whether to use the German informal “Du” as the platform addressing the users or sticking to the formal “Sie”, which is a crucial topic for a German business network. We didn’t just talk to users about this in general, we also looked at some numbers and tested some copy examples. It was fun to dig deep and understand the different perspectives of our users, to find out how they use such language in their work life, etc. Also, I’m personally proud that the company decided to make this courageous move in the end, based on 
positive user feedback.

Berufsgruppen bei der NEW WORK SE

Do you have any advice for people thinking about applying for a UX role at NEW WORK SE?

Being open and friendly is valued highly. We’re always looking for talented, pro-active people to join us. If you apply with us, make sure you take a good look at our products and that you’re an avid fan of user-centricity.