Brand insights

with Raphael Pleschounig, Team Lead Brand


INTERVIEW WITH Raphael Pleschounig Say hello to Raphael and learn more about Brand Design at kununu.

What is great about working in the Brand department at kununu?

Working in the Brand Team you have the permission to think big and holistic. Understanding what each and every touchpoint of people with kununu does to their relationship with the brand and what we can do to leave the right impression. So the greatest thing, I would say: Impact.

How would you describe the working atmosphere in your team?

I would say that most importantly we are not aiming to impress each other. We speak openly about what bothers us and try to complement each other wherever possible. Also, and definitely not a side note, we do not shy away from talking nonsense. Being able to have fun is vital.

Please describe a typical day at kununu – part of NEW WORK SE.

The day might start with a simple message from a colleague asking you how you feel today. A question asked with real and honest intent, and not being used as an introduction to something that this colleague actually needs from you. The rest of your day you spend collaborating with a wide range of different people and inspiring experts across the company. To really shape our brand, you enjoy the freedom to get your hands on every user & customer touchpoint.

What was the most interesting project you have been working on at kununu?

I had the pleasure to work on a fundamental research project last year that opened a new level of understanding how people really feel when they are using or just thinking about kununu. It brought us so close, that we could feel their heart beat and their adrenaline rush. Plus, the colleagues I could work with just blew my mind with their dedication, inclusive attitude and supportive nature.

What was the best Incentive so far you have received during your time at kununu?

The best incentives are my colleagues. People who always are respectful and care about me being excited and motivated. People who schedule their slack messages wisely because they do not want to interfere with my holiday-, weekend- or any other private-time. 

From your perspective: What are the key factors that make a Brand Designer a good one?

Most of all it is about understanding that creating and developing a brand is a collective effort of every person in the organization. A true brand designer most importantly should be passionate about enabling other people to deliver on the brand promise and equip them with the right brand elements, tools and processes.

Why is kununu – part of NEW WORK –  the right employer for you?

Because I feel that I am moving something truly meaningful in this world we are living in. Helping people to enjoy where they are in their professional life and enabling employers to be proud about their working culture. On top, I feel extremely valued through the appreciation of my colleagues.

Do you have tips for people considering applying for a brand design job at kununu?

We want to make sure that joining us is something that deeply fulfills you personally. Listen to your heart and reflect if developing a brand like kununu holistically through design is something that would get you hyped every morning when you wake up and tell us why. And of course, be yourself and don’t shy away from talking nonsense.

Any questions?

Feel free to connect with Raphael and ask him anything you need to know about working in Design for kununu. 


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