Summer School

Your digital internship at XING

Exciting projects

+ Intensive training sessions

+ Seasoned mentors

+ XING spirit

= A great summer at XING!*

* You’ll also earn €1.600 gross per month.

Our jobs
Our jobs


When is the Summer School?

You’ll need at least 12 weeks free between June and September where you’ll work full-time, i.e. 40 hours per week.

Which team will I be assigned to and what's working at XING like?

All of the Summer School projects are assigned to a team you'll join over the summer. We'll let you know which team that will be during the course of your application.

Who will be looking after me during my internship?

Your mentors will be seasoned team leads or senior managers who will look after you from start to finish. They’ll guide you through the onboarding process, hold regular update meetings with you, and conduct a review before you leave.

What kind of training will be offered during the Summer School?

At the start of the Summer School you’ll attend a teambuilding exercise where you and the other participants will be able to share your expectations of the Summer School and get to know one another. The Ted Talk training will show you how complex topics can be conveyed in an entertaining way. At the end there will also be a Summer School review day.

What are my chances of being hired after attending Summer School?

XING hires one in five students. If we're happy with you and your work while attending Summer School, we'll be happy to talk about your future career opportunities with us.

How much holiday leave will I be entitled to?

You'll be entitled to five days of holiday leave during the three months you spend at the Summer School.

What benefits does XING have to offer?

As well as the Summer School benefits, you’ll also be able to attend the quarterly student night where you can hone your management and soft skills. You can also go on XING student lunches where you’ll be able to meet up with other students.

Some of the regular employee benefits, such as workshops, public transport tickets and fresh fruit, are also available to student employees.

How can I go about finding a flat in Hamburg so I can attend the Summer School?

Here are some links that may be of use to you:



How does the recruiting process work?

One of our HR recruiters will conduct a telephone interview with you. Before that takes place, you'll be asked to take a diagnostic assessment, the results of which will be discussed during the telephone interview. If all of that goes well, you'll be invited to attend a personal interview where you'll complete a case study or coding challenge along with an opportunity to visit the XING premises and meet us in person.

We'll cover your travel expenses so you can attend a personal interview. Further details of this will be provided in the interview invitation. If you're unable to come to Hamburg for an interview, we can arrange a video interview instead.

Can I apply for several Summer school positions?

Feel free to apply for several positions at once, but we'd appreciate it if you let us know which position(s) you'd prefer to work in. If you have several positions in mind, please list them in order of preference.

I have to take some exams while attending the Summer School. Is that a problem?

Not at all! The main thing is that you're open about his and tell us during your application process. We'll do our best to arrange something that works for everyone involved.

Can I apply if I'm in my final semester or have already submitted my thesis?

You're eligible to apply provided your Summer School starting date is before your graduation date. If you've already submitted your final thesis or are taking a gap year, feel free to e-mail for further details and assistance.

What languages do I need to speak?

XING's company language is English, so a prerequisite for attending Summer School is that you're able to communicate well in English. It wouldn't do any harm if you speak some German. If it is a prerequisite for the project it will be mentioned in the job ad.

Can I also apply for the Summer School if I don't have an EU work permit?

Ideally you should have an EU work permit, but feel free to e-mail for further details and assistance.

My profile isn’t a 100% match. Do I still stand a chance of being accepted?

We can’t really say until we see your application, so just apply and let us know why you think you’d be a good choice for an internship at XING.

I have a question that isn't covered in this FAQ. Who can I get in touch with?

Simply e-mail the XING Students Consulting Team: