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Your time is one thing above all: your time

Because you achieve more when you enjoy work. Because you don't just want to sit in the office, but move the world. And because itÔÇÖs not only about the money, but also about your co-workers, the work environment and appreciation.

In the current situation surrounding the corona pandemic, demands on employers have increased enormously in many places. As a result, companies had to devote themselves to digital and flexible demands with extreme speed.

We have learned a lot and have grown together even more during the crisis. Therefore, more than ever, we believe in a working world in which people can realize themselves and develop their potential. With our brands and products, the NEW WORK SE is committed to a more fulfilling working environment that should be even more flexible in the near future.

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Benefits at a glance

Salary_ Compliant and transparent

Leisure_ In addition to 30 days of vacation, sabbatical and part-time work are part of our daily routine

Flexibility_ Life is not based on our calendars - we live trust-based working hours and home offices Firmenevents_ No matter if summer event, kickoff or brown bag sessions - we love the exchange and the community

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