31.08.2020 | Honeypot, NEW WORK SE

Professions at Honeypot – Head of People & Culture

Did you know that Honeypot is part of the NEW WORK SE? Today Emma Hunt is giving us some insights on her job as a Head of People & Culture of Honeypot.

How was your application process?

It was a little bit chaotic at the time given that there was no people team (I was the first hire, and was hired to set up or revise all HR processes). But after my first interview with Kaya, our co-founder, and seeing firsthand how much the founders were invested in early hires, I knew immediately it was a company I wanted to work for. From there I got to meet a great mix of people, all from different departments who all seemed really invested in the hire process, and the whole process from applicant to offer took under two weeks! Considering there was no dedicated recruiter at the time in the company it was a positive experience.
Why did you choose this job?

I was so excited when I saw Honeypot was hiring, they had a really great reputation in Berlin for company culture and the job sounded like my dream! It was the perfect mix of recruiting and cultivating employee experience. Being a HR company, I also feel extremely lucky that I get to be part of Honeypots People team, as it means my work is highly valued by the wider team.
What does your typical workday look like?

I get my energy from other people, so usually it involves many touchpoints with my team and the wider company. 
What's your favorite thing about your work?

I know this is cliche, but for sure it is the people at Honeypot. Our community is our biggest asset and I love that we really allow people to be their authentic selves.
What challenges does your job bring along?

My work is very visible, which is amazing as it means you get a lot of recognition for great work but it can also be hard because everyone has input and can be critical. I chose to see this as a positive however as it means we keep our standard of work high.
What makes your team special?

Most of our team are still in the early stages of their careers, but every day I am impressed by the grit and creativity of the people I am lucky enough to work with. We are a diverse group of people who are able to connect over a love for what we do and our mission! 

What is special about Honeypot?

At Honeypot your voice really matters, despite growing in size you still feel a closeness to the management team and everyone is encouraged to explore their ideas. If you have a proposal, you go for it! You are given responsibility and trust to experience and try new things.

What does Honeypot actually do?

Born and raised in Berlin, we are Honeypot, Europe's developer-focused job platform. Launched in 2015 and acquired by NWSE in 2019, we are a fast growing scaleup with big ambitions.

In the past year, on our mission to build the world's largest work-life community for technical people, we created honeypot.originals (some say 'Netflix for developers') and launched our developer-focused media platform .cult, exploring the softer side of software development. 

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