Our employees

Paramount to our success

Our commitment starts with our own employees. We aim to be an employer that guarantees very good conditions and offers employees the opportunity to reach their full potential. Employees who are happy and satisfied with their work are at the heart of our business model. They are the people who carry our corporate vision to the outside world. 

Together with our employees, we are shaping the future of work. And to provide inspiration for all those who want to create a better working world, we are creating ideal working and employment conditions for everyone at New Work. Our employees are our most important asset. Health, motivation, and qualifications are all important factors affecting the quality of our working lives. After all, people can only be happy in their jobs and in their private lives in the long term when they are able to develop and grow. 



“We believe in a world of work where people can find their true self and achieve their full potential. We are convinced that this not only makes individuals happier and more satisfied, it also makes companies more successful.” This is the motto of New Work SE and the philosophy that guides our decisions as an employer. In our view, you are only ever a good employer when your own employees believe it to be so. The continuous expansion of a modern corporate culture with transparent decision-making structures, agile organizational processes, maximum autonomy and, most importantly, a collaborative and cooperative team spirit is essential for maintaining and further improving the job satisfaction of our employees. 

In our CSR report you can find details about our material topics, targets and activities related to this field of action.


CSR-Report 2022

Download our 2022 CSR-Report here.

Further reports can be found here.

CSR-Report 2022

Download our CSR report for the year 2022 here.


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Wolfram Sauer

Head of Public Affairs Berlin/Brussels