Our employees

Paramount to our success

Employees are  paramount to our success, representing the inner hub of our innovation and forming the foundation for everything we do. We want to attract the best minds to our company and retain them in the long term. Together, we bring New Work to life, all the while offering the best possible working environment.   

Our aim is to foster an environment where employees can do what they love, and love what they do. Our corporate vision “For a better working life” not only serves as a benchmark for our day-to-day commitment to our customers, but also defines our own corporate culture. To live up to this vision, we create an agile environment for our 1,900 employees, along with a workspace that fosters their talents. This includes actively supporting our staff in every way and giving them space to balance their private and professional lives. In 2019, we once more realised successful initiatives, such as the Female Executive Learning Journey, and established new measures.

In our CSR report you can find details about our activities in terms of employee satisfaction, work-life balance, diversity, workplace health promotion, salary transparency as well as training and continued professional development.

Download CSR-Report 2020

Download our 2020 CSR-Report here.

Further reports can be found here.

CSR-Report 2020

Download our CSR report for the year 2020 here.

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