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XING is the leading jobs network in German-speaking countries. Professionals from every industry and career level can browse over 1 million jobs on XING and get found by more than 20,000 recruiters. XING’s goal is to match 22 million members with the right job and employer for them because people are more than just their CV. XING shows users potential career paths and opportunities, helping them to make informed decisions about their professional future.

Are you looking to unleash your full potential, your passion, your commitment and your creative ideas? If so, you've come to the right place! For XING, New Work is more than just a buzzword, which is why you’ll work on products that make a huge difference for millions of members. Join the team and help shape the network for a better working life. Visit for more information.

Find your next job at XING.

With our job search you will find the job that fits you. You have the opportunity to work across Europe and become part of an international team.

New Work Jobs

Making the world of work better. Together.

Advocating a better working life not only applies to XING members, it is also practiced within the company. As an employee you enjoy the freedom to explore ideas and pursue your personal development while helping to craft their products. Here, you can show them what you are made of. Flexibility is key, and that’s why internal job moves, involvement in communities of practice, and part-time positions are the norm at XING.

Diversity, internationality and a family-friendly mindset are just some of the things you’ll find at XING. The entire company and platform revolve around and rely on human interaction. With over 500 employees from more than 40 countries, our colleagues work as one single team across multiple departments and 4 different locations. Smooth operations are all thanks to the mutual respect they show one another when exchanging ideas directly without any formal hierarchies getting in the way. Transparency is essential, which is why our colleagues organise regular update meetings, Q&A sessions, and employee surveys. That way, you can be sure that your voice is heard.

What are the next steps?

Your recruitment process

Here’s some information about the recruitment process for you to check out before sending us your application:


Covering letter

Feel free to apply in English or German – whatever works best for you. Your covering letter shouldn’t simply repeat what’s in your CV. Instead, we want to find out about your motivation for the position and the company, and why you think you’re the best fit for XING.


What we would like to hear from you

Please make sure you take the time to find out about the products and network before applyling. You need to have some understanding of XING's networking, messaging, news, events and Premium features, along with the value they provide to members.



We’re a fairly informal bunch, so you’ll find that most of us dress casually. Whether you attend interviews in person or remotely, just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. 


Preferred form of application

The simplest way for you to apply is via the ‘apply’ button in our online job advertisements. It also means that your application will be automatically delivered to the right person.


Selection process

If you make it through to the shortlist – congratulations! The next step is a telephone interview so we can gain a first impression of one another. Provided all goes well during your phone interview, you’ll attend one or two personal interviews where you’ll get to know your future manager along with one or two of your future colleagues.

Are you 'the one'?

Apply here!
Jobsuche bei der NEW WORK SE Scheitern im Produktmanagement
  • You feel right at home in the digital world and closely follow the latest trends and developments. 

  • You believe in supporting people with their professional aspirations and goals by enabling them to connect and exchange ideas with one another on XING.

  • Your thoughts and actions have the sole purpose of finding the best solution together with your colleagues.

  • You appreciate flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes, a multicultural environment and a corporate culture defined by trust and transparency.

  • You enjoy working with others. You are communicative, respectful and constructive.

  • Your English is good enough to communicate easily with others in your daily work.


Your benefits


Health consulting services, accident and health insurance, company doctor and flu shots, height-adjustable desks, company pension, sports classes 


Mobile devices also availabe for private use, summer and Christmas parties, drinks, food & goodies, social and diversity day, mentor month, bus and train ticket, bike leasing 

Family & Leisure

Sabbatical and part-time options, remote work option, trust-based working hours, restaurant vouchers and employee discount, magazines of the Burda publisher, kids christmas party 

Development & Culture

Communication on equal terms, lived culture of failure, mood-o-Meter Feedback / questions for the board, personal development thanks to internal and external workshops, transparent, competitive salary, hackweeks