At New Work SE our vision is "for a better working life" – we strive to empower individual happiness and company success.

How our brands interact

We believe that it is time to stop searching for jobs and filling positions as an alignment of seemingly hard facts, but to ignite the real magic in matching Because both sides don’t just need any fit, but the perfect match.

Through our main brands XING, onlyfy and kununu, we have deep insights into employees and companies. Those insights include qualitative and quantitative aspects such as professional experience, development paths, personal wishes & strengths, but also company profiles and cultures, remuneration and development opportunities, etc., which we make detectable and usable, and build our matching on those insights.

This enables us to recognize better than any competitor who really fits where. As a result, and thanks to our unique number and quality of data, we achieve a previously impossible level of matching.

Those Perfect Matches make companies more successful and individuals more satisfied – because it just fits right for everyone.

Our Brands

With our brands, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing together the right companies with the right people, and vice versa.

Where we're coming from

Our recipe for success

Matching talent with opportunities

Us as an employer

NEW WORK SE Locations

Where we live 

8 locations, 6 brands, one common goal – for a better working life! With our brands and products, we make individuals happier and more satisfied in their working lives, and at the same time companies more successful – in eight different locations.