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NEW WORK SE offers a wide range of brands, products and services for a better working life. By doing so, NEW WORK SE is continuing its success story that reaches back almost 20 years.

NEW WORK SE – The recipe for success

The professional network was founded as openBC and has since evolved into NEW WORK SE by democratising professional networks in German-speaking countries. Today, the vast majority of professionals highly value and heavily rely on their network of contacts for many different reasons.

The company changed its name to XING in 2006 and then to NEW WORK SE in 2019. This most recent name change reflects the company’s commitment to a better working life as the New Work movement represents the main driver of all the company’s undertakings.

Thanks to this commitment, NEW WORK SE helps companies become even more successful.

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New brand onlyfy by XING launched

New work needs new hiring: With onlyfy by XING, NEW WORK SE is introducing a new brand that was designed for today's recruiting challenges. The new brand bundles products and services from XING E-Recruiting and Prescreen under one roof.


XING reaches 21 million members

XING continues to grow and has increased its membership to over 21 million.

XING reaches 20 million members

XING continues to grow and is able to increase its number of members to over 20 million.


Over 480,000 culture assessments in the kununu culture compass

The kununu Culture Compass offers job seekers additional transparency in their search for the right corporate culture for them. By looking at the four topic areas of work - life, interaction with each other, leadership and strategic direction, the Culture Compass shows whether the value concepts correspond more to "classic working" (traditional) or "new working" (modern).

XING remains on growth course

More than 18 million members in German-speaking countries are registered and connect with one another on XING. In doing so, XING continues to consolidate its position as the largest online business network in German-speaking countries.



Petra von Strombeck joins the Executive Board and assumes the position of CEO at the end of May: “NEW WORK SE is in an excellent position, with products and activities geared towards ‘the future of work’, a topic that’s highly relevant among society at large.”


Launch of new digital discussion forum NWXnow 

NEW WORK SE launches NWXnow, a digital forum for discussing the future of work. This format is designed to run in tandem with the NEW WORK EXPERIENCE and explore the question of ‘what’s ahead and what’s going to remain in tomorrow’s world of work?’


XING SE is renamed NEW WORK SE in line with its vision – for a better working life. The New Work movement represents the main driver of all the company’s undertakings.


Honeypot joins XING

XING acquires Honeypot, the leading IT job platform in German-speaking countries. Honeypot turns the conventional job board principle on its head as companies apply to potential employees, not the other way around.

XING continues to grow

More than 15 million members in German-speaking countries meet up in almost 80,000 groups on XING. The company passes the 1,500 employee mark.


New Work Experience held at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonic for first time

The NWX event switches venue for its second edition with the largest New Work conference in German-speaking countries taking up residency at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonic attended by more than 1,500 people.

First New Work Experience (NWX)

XING organises NWX 2017, the first large-scale event and main networking platform for New Work in German-speaking countries. Almost 1,000 guests attend this illustrious event, with New Work founder Professor Dr. Frithjof Bergmann receiving a standing ovation.


Prescreen & InterNations join XING

Applicant tracking system Prescreen and expat network InterNations join XING SE. The company passes the 1,000 employee mark for the first time.

XING organises ‘New Work Day’

XING organises a New Work Day at Kampnagel international centre of arts in Hamburg. Attended by around 850 employees and employers, the event includes numerous talks, panel discussions and workshops all about the future of work.


XING becomes a unicorn

XING launches a wide range of editorial products and content, and becomes a unicorn as its valuation exceeds one billion euros.


First NEW WORK SEssions held

The first NEW WORK SEssions are held in Vienna, Austria. XING adopts an interactive barcamp format to provide a new platform for best practices and discussions involving experts and people with experience and interest in economics, science and politics.

XING Jobs relaunched

XING relaunches XING Jobs to accommodate New Work criteria and employer reviews.

Market leader in social recruiting

XING acquires kununu, the leading online platform for employer reviews in German-speaking countries, to boost its position as the social recruiting market leader.


XING confers award for forward-thinking work concepts

In 2013, XING introduces the New Work Award to honour new and forward-thinking work concepts as well as innovative responses to the fundamental developments on the labour market.

The new XING

In December 2010, XING acquires Munich-based amiando AG, Europe’s leading online event management and ticketing provider. ‘The new XING’ is launched.


openBC is renamed XING and becomes the first Web 2.0 business in the world to go public.


Initial success

The first groups are set up, followed by the first official offline event. The platform already hosts more than 500,000 users.


Lars Hinrichs founds the online platform openBC in Hamburg, Germany.

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