Corporate Social Responsibility


“For a better working life” – The NEW WORK SE vision shapes both our understanding of responsibility and our social commitment. Work is all around us – not only does it put food on our table, it can also be a source of fulfilment, paving the way to satisfaction or even self-realisation while fostering social participation. Despite this, many people still experience dissatisfaction in their job, often leading to illness or wasted potential. At the same time, the working world is undergoing radical change, triggered by digitalisation and skills shortages. In view of these circumstances, NEW WORK SE is committed to identifying the opportunities presented by this change and sharing them with as many people as possible. This commitment guides us in realising our social responsibility as we continuously develop innovative work concepts and initiatives, and introduce them to the social debate.

At the same time, we consider it our duty to ensure that our daily actions, no matter whether they are recurring tasks or new product developments or purchasing and business decisions, all include the potential ramifications on ourselves, society as a whole, and the environment. By pursuing a holistic approach, we contribute to making tomorrow’s working world a better one.   

The CSR strategy we adopted in 2017 ensures we live up to our own expectations while strengthening our commitment to New Work. In keeping with this, we pool and broaden our activities, and deliver an annual CSR report for stakeholder transparency. The key areas of our responsibility are defined within five fields of action: employees, society, products and services, data protection/privacy and compliance, and the environment.



Employees are  paramount to our success, representing the inner hub of our innovation and forming the foundation for everything we do. We want to attract the best minds to our company and retain them in the long term. Together, we bring New Work to life, all the while offering the best possible working environment.  


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We believe in a world of work where people can find their true self and achieve their full potential. We are convinced that this will not only make individuals happier and more satisfied, it will also boost a company’s success.

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Products and Services

All our products and services have one overarching goal: to offer solutions that address the challenges posed by the changes afoot in today’s working world that are being driven by digitalisation and skills shortages. Our aim is to make the professional world of tomorrow a better one.

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Data Protection and Compliance

Sustainable corporate governance goes hand in hand with integrity and transparency in business processes. Data protection, privacy and compliance are key aspects here, and as a company revolving around a digital network, we process large amounts of data, meaning we also shoulder a great responsibility.


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In our view, responsible corporate governance also extends to looking after the environment and its natural resources. Here, we focus mainly on employee mobility as well as energy consumption by our internal and operational business.  

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Download CSR-Report 2020

Download our 2020 CSR-Report here.

CSR-Report 2020

Download our CSR report for the year 2020 here.

Download Further CSR-Reports

Here you can find further CSR-Reports of the past years.

CSR-Report 2019

Download our CSR report for the year 2019 here.

CSR-Report 2018

Download the CSR-Report 2018 here.

CSR-Report 2017

Download the CSR-Report 2017 here.

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