Not just a job. But your job.

Are you ready for NEW WORK SE?

WHO WE ARE New Work is not a buzzword. It’s a promise.

Happiness at work – we strive to make it a reality each and every day. Why?

Because you achieve more when you enjoy work. Because you don't just want to sit in the office, but move the world. And because it’s not only about the money, but also about your co-workers, the work environment and appreciation.

It’s our mission to change the world of work. With our brands like XING, Kununu or Honeypot – and with our employees.


WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR The future of work? Is in your hands.

Job requirement: courage

If you want to shape the future of work "We've always done it that way" won’t get you anywhere.


Small wonder then, we’re looking for people with courage to break new ground. People who want turn their vision and ideas into reality, and make a contribution to the whole. Who have more than just salary expectations – ideas of what tomorrow's work could look like.

JOBS WE OFFER What are you great at?

Software Engineering

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Product & Design

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WHAT WE OFFER Room for work. And for life.

With us you can do, what you do best. What you really want to do. And what helps you to get you ahead. Not just on the job, but in life.

  • Part-time, 30 days of vacation or a sabbatical – work-life balance not only tops this list

  • Keeping with the market & transparent – salaries should be no secret

  • Health advice, specialist lectures, standing desks, gym courses – we want you to stay healthy

  • Trust-based working hours and home office – we’re just as flexible as you are

  • Virtual or personal company events – we love exchange


WHAT DEFINES US Facts you can count on

Sometimes numbers say more than a thousand words. Here are a couple of examples what make the sum of our employees.

  • 8 locations in 5 European countries

  • More than 1,900 employees

  • Great work-life balance with 12.8 % part-time workers

  • Women in 28% of management positions

  • Employees from 58 nations

  • 78.3 % employee satisfaction

  • A total of 4,545 person days at our "HackWeeks"

  • The working world of the future? We create it with our 10 brands

  • 5 different services from event to candidate management

Our companies The future of work times X 10


The future of work will be diverse – just as diverse as NEW WORK SE. Under this roof we group brands like Kununu, Honeypot or Xing.


Each brand, service and product follows a single goal: to develop a new kind of working world.





Discover the brands
Discover the brands