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We believe in New Workers who are forward-thinking, even in challenging times. We’re looking for people with the drive to change things for the better, pushing towards our vision “for a better working life”.

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We empower individual happiness and company success by connecting the right companies with the right people. In essence, we see ourselves as matchmakers. Just as we strive to create perfect matches for job seekers and our clients, we also want to make sure we’re the perfect match for you. Here you’ll find real talk on what you can expect when working for the New Work Group. Take your time to read through our vision and values, to learn more about our business model and how we work. If it all sounds great to you, take the first step of creating another perfect match by hitting the apply button.

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Our mission

We take pride in working on something that truly matters. We help companies find the best talent for their success, while also ensuring that job seekers find a job they really love. It doesn't matter what department, brand or location you work for, we all work towards our winning aspiration of becoming recruiting partner number one by winning talent.

So how do we become recruiting partner no. 1 in German-speaking countries?

XING and kununu

Our winning aspiration revolves around close ties between our brands. XING is the leading jobs network in German-speaking countries, offering professionals access to over 1 million jobs and opportunities to connect with more than 20,000 recruiters. kununu is a market leader with millions of user-generated employer and salary insights. Right now, kununu helps every second job seeker in German-speaking countries make an informed decision towards a fulfilling working life.

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What sets us apart from our competitors

Our brands deliver unparalleled access to deep workplace and job seeker insights, allowing us to understand and offer exactly what job seekers are looking for. Our ability to make those insights usable puts us in an ideal position to determine which candidates and companies are a good match for one another, in turn sparking positive change in the world of work.


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2024: A year of transformation

Over the past two decades, our company has continuously evolved. Founded by Lars Hinrichs as OpenBC in 2003, the company became the first web 2.0 business to go public in 2006 under the name XING. In 2019, we introduced the New Work Group, having acquired brands such as kununu and launching new businesses ourselves. We enjoyed huge success, and some major setbacks along the way. Despite these challenges and our competitors predicting our downfall, we’ve proven our resilience, continued to be forward-thinking, and always come up with ways to stay ahead of the game. However, change is constant within the New Work Group, and 2024 marks another major milestone in our evolution. We recently decided to refocus on our flagship brands XING and kununu, demonstrating our commitment to shaping the future of our company and striving towards our vision “for a better working life”.

Our values

People First

At New Work SE, our core value of people first underlines our commitment to prioritising the well-being and success of individuals throughout our business. This value guides all our decisions and actions, ensuring that the human aspect remains at the forefront of everything we do.


We embrace the role of New Work hosts, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. This means bringing together the right people, facilitating networking opportunities and offering guidance as part of a collective movement towards progress, growth and success.


We strive to inspire positive change and progress within our community. By sharing innovative ideas with a broader audience and cultivating discussions on New Work, we aim to spark a spirit of creativity, collaboration, and forward-thinking.


At New Work SE, we use digitalisation and new technologies to benefit people. We’re dedicated to deploying smart solutions that prioritise the well-being and advancement of individuals, ensuring that our progress is always in the best interests of our community and stakeholders.

Our promise to you as your employer

We’re committed to being an employer for everyone. We’re shaped and influenced by every brand within the New Work Group, uniting to lay a common foundation we all identify with:

Work on what matters

We all strive to master our winning aspiration, and we all know why this matters to us. Each of us contributes to our company's success and transformation. In our daily work, we’re dedicated to focusing on what truly matters, even if it feels like a setback in the short run. We’re smart about what we do, and we approach things in an open-minded and determined way so they have a meaningful impact on us and the people using our products.

Build an inspiring team

Our team is what holds us together. It inspires and motivates us to do what really matters. We value collaboration, communication and diverse perspectives as we work towards our common goals. If we make mistakes, we learn and lift each other up. We’re all team players committed to contributing towards a positive and inclusive working environment.

Do what you really, really want

We all want to wake up in the morning and look forward to the day. At the New Work Group, we’re committed to creating a work environment where you can explore your interests, develop new skills, and pursue your personal and professional aspirations. In the end, it really all comes down to your motivation and whether you’re keen to face your projects and the challenges ahead. We believe that by doing what you really, really want, you can truly grow and find success.

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NEW WORK SE als Arbeitgeber

Change is constant

We work fast, and things can change quickly. Sometimes things can even change so quickly that the groundbreaking project you just worked on has to take a completely new direction. There may be times where we feel lost. We know that can be frustrating, but we don’t drag ourselves down over it. We believe in change, innovation and making bold moves that helps us become successful in what we do. We think ahead and grow with every transformation. 

Can you thrive in challenging times?

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Ownership and commitment

If you join us, you need to be passionate about what you do. We believe that expecting things from you is the wrong approach. Instead, we’d really like to see you in the driver's seat, with the inner drive and motivation to help us achieve our goals. For us, that means taking ownership of the work you do. We want you to be bold, committed, and if you make mistakes, own them and learn from them. It's your dedication that drives our overall success.

Are you ready to take the driver’s seat in your work?

Karriere bei der NEW WORK SE

Growth mindset

We believe that the right mindset is key to growth, both individually and for the company. We give you the space you need to do your job, while providing guidance and support at the right moment. We value curiosity and encourage proactive, innovative approaches rather than setbacks posed by challenges ahead. Even the craziest of ideas should never be dismissed in the blink of an eye.

Are you ready to grow, even when faced with challenges?

Vielfalt bei der NEW WORK SE

Collaboration and diversity

Discrimination sucks! As does a company culture where you can’t be yourself! Don’t feel like you belong? That really sucks! We’re open-minded and inclusive, shaped and connected by every colleague and every brand within the New Work Group. We respect each other, no matter the background or how crazy the idea you just pitched. We’re not afraid to give feedback and share our opinions in a constructive and forward-thinking way. We all have unique perspectives, and that's precisely what our culture demands and enables us to innovate.

Are you ready to collaborate?

Berufsgruppen bei der NEW WORK SE


You don't have to be a leader to join the New Work Group. But if you think you are, you’ll need to be able to create teams that inspire one another. You’ll foster our values and an environment that nurtures talent. We hire people for their skills and potential. Your job is to energise, guide and make sure talented people can achieve their goals. You’ll tear down barriers so they can grow, helping you get the very best out of your team and ensuring they reach their full potential.

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