Corporate Governance

The objective of corporate governance is the management and supervision of the company with the aim of a responsible and sustained creation of value. It is crucial here that the Executive Board and Supervisory Board work closely and efficiently together, that shareholders’ interests are respected and that corporate communications are open and transparent. 

Corporate Governance Code

The current version of the German Corporate Governance Code is available here:

German CG Code


NEW WORK SE sets great store on the corporate governance regulations and is committed to ensuring the transparent, responsible management and supervision of the company. The joint Declarations of Conformity from the NEW WORK SE Management Board and Supervisory Board as laid down in Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) regarding the German Corporate Governance Code (Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex) are available below as a PDF file for download.

Download Articles of Association of New Work SE

Download the Articles of Association of New Work SE now as a PDF.

Articles of Association of New Work SE (PDF)

Download Code of Conduct 

Our Code of Conduct is our guideline in our daily work so we act with integrity and to safeguard our company.

Code of Conduct New Work SE (PDF)

Downloads Declarations of Conformity

Here you can download the Declarations of Conformity to date.


Declaration of Conformity, March 2019 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, March 2018 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, March 2017 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, February 2016 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, February 2015 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, June 2014 (PDF)

Declaration of Conformity, February 2014 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, June 2013 (PDF)

Declaration of Conformity, February 2013 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, February 2012 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, February 2011 (PDF)


Declaration of Conformity, February 2010 (PDF)

Corporate Governance Declaration in accordance with SEC. 289f, 315d HGB

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