Employee mobility and energy consumption

In our view, responsible corporate governance also extends to looking after the environment and its natural resources. Here, we focus mainly on employee mobility as well as energy consumption by our internal and operational business.  

We believe that the environmental protection concerns society as a whole. Although we are not in the manufacturing industry, we consider it essential to play our part by reducing our emissions as much as possible. To this end, our main focus is on employee mobility, energy consumption in our operational business, the use of energy-efficient buildings and the recycling of IT hardware. Additionally, our employees engage in various social projects each year, many of which involve environmental protection. 

Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint. Among other things, we achieve this through green electricity at our offices and low-emissions employee mobility. By way of example, we subsidise our employees’ public transport fees and bike leasing. We also promote the use of video conferences instead of business trips, especially those involving flights. If it is not possible to avoid flying, we make sure we compensate the carbon footprint. More information about our measures can be found in our 2020 CSR report.

Download CSR-Report 2020

Download our 2020 CSR-Report here.

Further reports can be found here.

CSR-Report 2020

Download our CSR report for the year 2020 here.

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