We are creating value for a better world of work with a strong foundation and good governance. Our future as a company is built on clear codes of conduct and serves as the basis for everything we do. As an economic stakeholder and corporate citizen, we know that we have a role to play and want to do our part to shape a better future and a better world of work. 

We are strengthening our position by embracing good governance and aligning our endeavours with policies, standards, and our stakeholders’ expectations. In particular, our stakeholders’ interests and regular dialogue with them underpin our actions – both internally and externally. This approach allows us to face up to future challenges, provide new ideas for the future of work, and propagate our values. 



We believe that integrity, transparency, and legal certainty when interacting with our customers and employees are unshakable principles for responsible governance. Our focus here is on prevention: educating our employees and introduc- ing appropriate internal standards and processes. This prem- ise encompasses rules and processes related to compliance and other individual violations, along with avoiding risks that threaten our company in parts or as a whole. 

In our CSR report you can find details about our activities in terms of our guidlines, compliance and risk management systems, our code of coduct and EU taxonomy.