Products and Services

One overarching goal

All our products and services have one overarching goal: to offer solutions that address the challenges posed by the changes afoot in today’s working world that are being driven by digitalisation and skills shortages. Our aim is to make the professional world of tomorrow a better one.

Innovative products and services are not just the cornerstone of our company's success, they also reflect the nature of our responsibility. We are aware of the needs of both employees and employers, which puts us in an excellent position to share the opportunities presented by the changes taking place in the world of work.

To this end, we consider it essential to listen to our customers who deliver feedback via our customer service, events and forums on our platform which we use in our product development. Besides this, we are also committed to an internal product responsibility as we strive to create space for our employees to test product developments and bring in new ideas alongside their daily duties. Our responsibility to our products also extends to sustainable procurement, ensuring availability of our products, as well as their potential impact on human rights.  

In our CSR report you can find more information about usage and membership growth, innovation management and products that generate social benefits.

Download CSR-Report 2020

Download our 2020 CSR-Report here.

Further reports can be found here.

CSR-Report 2020

Download our CSR report for the year 2020 here.

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