Our responsibility

We want to effectively support social change. Our networks and formats offer opportunities for people to participate in the discourse about the future world of work and drive it forward. 

We act as moderators, experts, commentators and mediators. We conduct this dialog in different spheres of society – science, media, culture and politics – and we share solutions and perspectives. We view ourselves as a platform and catalyst for individuals and companies alike, and we believe in a world of work that empowers people to find their true self and achieve their full potential in a culture that is a better fit for them



The second year of the coronavirus pandemic did not put a stop to the transformation of the world of work. On the contrary, the adoption of digital processes and products sped up in many places. Flexible working hours and locations went from being a stopgap measure to a permanent solution because they proved to be more successful than expected. We believe many of the ideas and methods from the New Work movement could help all employees realize their full potential and turn their work into a meaningful and rewarding part of their life – an improvement that demonstrably bene- fits companies, too. With our products, services and engagement, New Work SE wants to play a part in shaping this future world of work in a modern society and making it a reality – while significantly increasing the job satisfaction of every employee. 

In our CSR report you can find details about our material topics, targets and activities related to this field of action.


CSR-Report 2022

Download our 2022 CSR-Report here.

Further reports can be found here.

CSR-Report 2022

Download our CSR report for the year 2022 here.


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Wolfram Sauer

Head of Public Affairs Berlin/Brussels