Our responsibility


We believe in a world of work where people can find their true self and achieve their full potential. We are convinced that this will not only make individuals happier and more satisfied, it will also boost a company’s success.

With its brands, services and products, NEW WORK SE advocates a more fulfilling working world - "For a better working life". We are already experiencing a paradigm shift within the realms of what we call "work". Demographic change is causing a shortage of skilled workers, in turn shifting the balance of power between employer and employee. Digitalisation is revolutionising entire industries and enabling individuals to work anywhere, anytime. Younger generations in particular are driving a change in values as they redefine the relationship between work and private life, in turn radically transforming the professional world.

We consider it our corporate responsibility to deliver brands and services that help shape these major changes and offer solutions to the challenges they present. All of the brands in the NEW WORK SE Group are geared towards shaping the future of work in the interests of people, while at the same time helping companies to achieve even greater success thanks to employees who are empowered to do what they really want to do.

In our CSR report, you can find out how we apply our New Work expertise to society. You will also find an overview of the social projects we are involved in.

Download CSR-Report 2020

Download our 2020 CSR-Report here.

Further reports can be found here.

CSR-Report 2020

Download our CSR report for the year 2020 here.

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