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Carina tells you more about working in Sales at onlyfy by XING and the people who make it so unique. 


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Hi Carina, tell us...

...what you like most about your job?

I really like having daily exchanges with my clients and building long-term relationships with them. I can work independently and plan my own day while being part of a team that successfully supports other businesses’ recruitment and employer branding activities. Then, of course, there are my colleagues and our wonderful team spirit. It's this exact mix that has made this job a pleasure for almost four years now.

How would you describe the mood in your team?

The mood in our team is great. Everyone has their own client remit but we all still work towards the same goal, are there to support one another, and benefit from each other’s unique skills. We also have a lot of fun and exchange ideas through (virtual) coffee dates, team lunches and events.

Working in sales often involves admin work, like preparing quotations and contracts. What’s it like at onlyfy?

Other departments provide us with a lot of support for almost all our admin tasks. They take care of preparing quotations, drafting contracts and dealing with technical support questions so we can fully focus on sales and strategic work with our customers.

What’s the best incentive you’ve received so far at onlyfy?

That’s easy: our workation in Malaga. We won a sales challenge in autumn this year and decided to put the earnings towards a trip for everyone to Malaga. Since we have the option to work remotely while abroad, we conducted our client appointments from Malaga.

How would you describe a typical workday?

I generally first think about whether to work from home or at our new office building. We use hot desking at the office, so I can also choose a workstation near colleagues from different teams. The majority of my day is spent meeting clients. I analyse their recruiting situation and am their point of contact for anything related to their contract or recruiting strategy which, in turn, brings up a lot of ad hoc tasks that need to be completed. In addition to meeting clients, we have stand-ups and team meetings to exchange information internally, and we also pool our knowledge and share it in cross-team projects.

onlyfy is part of New Work SE, which is why we would be interested to learn about what makes working for us so special for you.

I can deeply identify with the appreciative corporate culture. I like that we can regularly give and request feedback, and that I’m given the chance to identify and improve on my skills. Of course, our beautiful new office and friendly relationships with my colleagues and managers make it even easier to feel at ease here.

And last but not least: Do you have any advice for people applying for sales positions at onlyfy or one of the other New Work SE companies?

Applicants should definitely be interested in the digital world and be open to change. But I think the most important thing is to be yourself and have fun working in a fantastic team!

Open Questions?

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