Bon dia Barcelona!

A place where you can develop yourself and your talent

The NEW WORK SE with its brands, services and products is committed to a more fulfilling working environment - 'for a better working life'. Barcelona is where more than 100 very skilled people from 10 different countries develop cutting edge technology that is used by more than 20 million people. Barcelona is home to 3 of the 6 NEW WORK brands: XING, onlyfy and kununu. We don’t see “New Work” as a buzzword. To us, it’s a promise. We strive to make happiness at work a reality. Because it’s about the working environment and appreciation. It’s about creating the best team setup you can imagine, and about getting involved in things you’re passionate about.

5 reasons to come to Barcelona

One of the best cities in the world brimming with culture

  • Experience the growing of one of the most important tech hubs in Europe
  • Enjoy more than 280 sunny days per year - means great food, happiness and quality of life
  • Discover typical food from Spain but also try millions of gastronomy and enology choices from all around the world
  • Participate in the wide offer of cultural life: music festivals, theatre, museums, fairs, etc
  • Plan your next visit inside the city, you can go to the beach or mountains

What’s New Work?

We’re already seeing a paradigm shift in terms of what we call ‘work’. Digitalisation is not only revolutionising entire industries, it also enables people to work wherever and whenever they want or need to. And younger generations, in particular, are preferring long-standing values in favour of more modern ones with a clearer focus on a positive work-life balance.


All of these aspects are already driving radical change on the labour market. All of the activities undertaken by each of the NEW WORK SE brands help shape the future of work and gear it more towards people.

What we offer you

Offering you an environment that will help you grow

We are interested in our employees living out their very own vision to improve the (working) world.

  • Work-life-balance is a reality, we love our flexible working hours, summer intensive working hours, extended holidays and special leaves
  • We offer the opportunity to develop professionally and personally by actively supporting you
  • Our 2 full innovation weeks per year (Hackweeks), will allow you to explore your full potential while working in different projects
  • As good Spaniards we know that people likes free food and helps to socialise, that's why we also have restaurant tickets, monthly pizzas, food and fruits in the office and several internal events
  • Diversity is one of our core values, New Work is a place for everyone
  • Tech people love to work with the latest technology gadgets, that's why we offer everyone a Mac and the possibility to choose a second device (tablet or smartphone)
  • Creating the best setup is one of our keys to success, one of our benefits is remote flexibility and the financial support to do so
  • Our focus is on you, we work to offer you special prices for private health insurance

Steps to getting your new job

Overview of the recruiting process

Have we sparked your interest? Perfect! Then you’re ready to apply. Here are the steps involved in the hiring process:

  • IC
  • CC
  • CCR
  • HR

Initial call

45 Minutes

Coding challenge

2 or 3 days to complete

2 hours tech interview

HR Final Round

1 hour with HR + Team Lead

30 minutes to meet the team

Any questions?

Get in touch with us

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