Let's talk about Customer Support 

Theresa tells you more about working in customer support at onlyfy by XING and the people who make it so unique. 


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Hi Theresa, tell us...

...what do you like most about your job.

As a people manager, I love working on new projects with my team to come up with new ways to impress our customers. I also like developing individual team members and their strengths, seeing how they grow and learn from one another. When I asked my team what they like most about their job, they said “not knowing what to expect when you answer the phone is exciting – even now. I have to think on my feet and put my expertise to the test. Every customer is different, so I experience something new every day even though I’m working with the same products."

How would you describe a typical working day with onlyfy's customer support team?

Every day is different as you simply can’t predict how many e-mails and phone calls you’re going to receive. You need to be organised because you still have to prioritise customer enquiries even when working on projects. The one constant we do have is our 8 am team call where we let each other know what’s lined up for the day. We’re working remotely a lot at the moment, but we still make sure we meet up regularly in the office so we don’t forget what the other team members look like. 😉

How would you describe the mood in your team?

Really good. We appreciate and support one another as equals, and we look out for each other. We like to have fun, too. 😉

What do you think makes a good customer service people manager?

You need to have a decent level of empathy and always be willing to help customers. If you show some initiative and enjoy turning ideas into reality, you’ve come to the right place. We also highly value mutual respect, and a healthy portion of patience never goes a miss.

onlyfy is part of New Work SE, which is why we would be interested to learn about what makes working for us so special for you.

My team and I agree that New Work SE offers career newbies a safe place for them to start their career. The structures we have in place allow people to gather a lot of insights. Also, you’d never think you could work at a company with so many people speaking different languages and living in different countries. Trust is a given, as is the freedom to put forward ideas. Our teams communicate as equals because we’re all following the same aim – entice customers with our products and services!

And last but not least: Do you have any advice for people applying for sales positions at onlyfy or one of the other New Work SE companies?

Be yourself. That’s really important in our team. Also, your opinion always counts, so don’t be shy and ask us questions during the application process


Open Questions?

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