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Kacper tells you more about working in Product & UX at XING and why this job is so special


Hi Kacper, tell us ...

..why do you like working in the XING Leadership Team?

You rarely get the chance in life to make a big difference. XING is an extremely well- known brand, a product that is used by millions of people. To completely restructure such a legendary product is an incredibly exciting task that you rarely find anywhere else in the German-speaking world.  


How would you describe the working atmosphere in your team?  

I think one word sums it up particularly well: passionate. As a leadership team, we are all passionate about our brand and our product. Of course, this sometimes leads to heated discussions, but this is how we ensure that everyone is heard, that nothing is ever swept under the carpet - and that we always leave the room with the best solution for our talents and recruiters and extremely motivated.  


What does a typical working day at Product & UX look like?  

It may sound like a cliché, but there is no such thing as a typical day. A day can cover anything from listening to user interviews to discussing concepts and designs to reviewing our corporate strategy. But that's also what makes the work so exciting, because it really does include everything from a bird's eye view to small details.  


What has been your most exciting project at XING so far?

The relaunch of XING's entire structure, of course - from a professional social network to a jobs network. An incredibly complex task that our teams delivered with great success in a short space of time. I am incredibly proud of this. And even more so of everything that follows!

What is the best thing that has happened to you at New Work SE so far?  

The best is difficult - but the most entertaining are definitely our summer parties and Christmas parties. Including very creative disguises. It's taken really seriously here, but it's also fantastic every time.  


XING is part of the New Work Group, why is this the right employer for you?

XING is an incredibly strong brand that thrives on the work of talented people. I enjoy being surrounded by them every day.  


Do you have any tips for people who are interested in a Product & UX job at XING or another New Work company? 
Simply apply - preferably via the "easy apply" function on XING or directly here on our careers website.  

In your opinion, what are the most important factors that make someone a Product & UX professional?

The variety of tasks also requires people with diverse talents. You need an extremely good understanding of numbers in order to penetrate the complex interactions of our business model and really get the most out of every part of the app. On the other hand, emotional intelligence and gut instinct are required, because not all questions can be answered or measured with objective facts; here and there, Product & UX is not science, but also art. 

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