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Beniamin tells you more about working in Sales at onlyfy by XING and the people who make it so unique. 


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Hi Beniamin, tell us... 

...what you particularly like about your job?

That I can be my own boss! I know what is expected of me and I deliver on that – and beyond. On the other hand, I can take my time off whenever I want.

You work in the New Business department. What are the differences compared to other sales positions?

Most of my time I deal with people I've never met before. That is different when you work with existing customers – they already know XING, and you have a relationship based on trust. In New Business we have to earn this trust first.

How was your onboarding process?

As a newcomer, I was well prepared for the HR industry and our customers. A lot of research is done in order to be able to offer the best possible advice and optimal solutions for every company.I was introduced to colleagues in a very pleasant way.

All of our products and tools were also shown to me and practical examples were used to explain how I can use them in the future.

How would you describe the atmosphere in your team?

We have positive, performance, fun and supportive environment. If there are any challenges, we work out solutions together. Everyone is encouraged to express their opinion and to give feedback – every input is valid, that is important for us.

Working in sales teams often means you are also responsible for administrative work such as contracts and preparation of offers. How does it look like at onlyfy?The decision is up to each person. A lot is taken care of if you want it. You can create quotations yourself, but you can also have them created, it’s flexible.

Please describe a typical working day.

I come to work, greet my colleagues and start with the most important tasks. My everyday work usually consists of arranging new appointments with potential customers, giving presentations and following up on past meetings with customers.

At lunchtime, we usually eat with our team and talk about what's on our minds – both work-related and private.

The working day ends in different ways. Sometimes all the tasks are done, sometimes you run out of energy, sometimes you have plans. It always depends on the day.

In sales, it is the results that count. How do you celebrate successes in your team?

Every quarter there is a budget for a team event – we decide together what to do.
For employees with a constant 110% goal achievement in three out of four quarters per year, you get either a vacation trip, a training convention with like-minded top performers or a cool tech gadget.

onlyfy is part of New Work SE, which is why we would be interested to learn about what makes working for us so special for you.

The working environment is great – my colleagues have become best friends. We have an amazing office, we can manage our own time, and good performance is rewarded with a generous salary. There are also many small benefits in our everyday work.

What was the best incentive you received during your time at onlyfy?

The vacation-week with over 20 colleagues in Lisbon recently. It was the perfect interplay of good conversations, good food, celebrating and simply enjoying the time together. I'm very happy about this additional time off on top of the 30 days of holiday we get in a year.

Do you have any tips for applicants in the sales department at onlyfy or at another New Work company?

Prepare well for the interviews and think about what might be asked.

The employer is definitely worth it – it can be a life-changing opportunity like in my case.


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