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Orhan tells you more about working in Sales at onlyfy by XING and the people who make it so unique. 


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Hi Orhan, tell us...

...why you chose to work in the field of New Business Sales at onlyfy.

I've always had a communicative strength and the offer from onlyfy sounded very interesting. What intrigued me the most was that it is a dog-friendly environment. Coco, my partner – a golden retriever – supports me very strongly on the mental level, which is why I get a lot of pleasure from my work and partly owe my highlights to him. Therefore, it is a very big added value for me to have my mental support with me – also during the work.

How did you perceive your application process and the subsequent onboarding phase?

I liked that the process didn't take long. The onboarding process helped me a lot in acquiring knowledge regarding solutions. During my onboarding, I felt that every detail was taken care of. The details are very important to me because they define success.

How would you describe the mood in your team?

We all follow the same culture. We have an hands-on culture in the team and support each other. We always share ideas and brainstorm, of course fun can't be missing, which is why we joke around a lot.

How would you describe a typical workday?

Most of the time I am in appointments with clients and customers, assisting them with their challenges. The challenges of my contacts are related to their recruiting situation, where I also have the opportunity to share my expertise with them for them to overcome their challenges.

The sales field is known to be very success-oriented. What motivates you to achieve your goals and how do you celebrate your successes?

I am motivated by helping people who are facing challenges where I can use my expertise to help them. 

The successes that our customers have achieved through our solutions are a reason for me to celebrate. These successes are amply celebrated in joint team events.

What three words would you use to describe the benefits of a sales job and why?

Flexibility, because you can schedule your work yourself.

Communication, because you grow with every conversation.

Development, because we share our knowledge with each other.

Which character traits were you able to particularly demonstrate and develop in your position as Senior Sales Manager in "New Business" at onlyfy? 

My humanity and empathy. Through every conversation with customers and clients, I was able to develop as a person but also help other people. You grow through communication and I have the advantage of constantly communicating with different people in my job – through which I get to know and learn different perspectives.

onlyfy is part of New Work SE, which is why we would be interested to learn about what makes working for us so special for you.

I can design my own day. I set my own goals. I develop myself, I develop my environment, whereby considering the mentioned points, I can define quite big flexibility and development as new worky.

And last but not least: What is the best advice you have ever received in your professional career?

"Define your successes yourself and set your own goals"

Since I've been defining my own goals, I've been having a lot more fun at work and challenging myself with my past self. It's the best feeling when you look back and see all that you've accomplished when you reach your personal goals

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