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Lorina tells you more about working as a working student at New Work SE and the people who make it so unique. 


Hi Lorina, tell us ...

... how you combine your working student job with university.

At New Work SE, I am a working student in the Brand Portfolio Experience Team. Since my workdays are at the beginning of the week, I always focus clearly on my working student job. From the middle of the week, I go to university and then concentrate on my lectures. In the best case, I can combine the theory from university with my job and vice versa.


How did you find out about us?

I became aware of the company and the job through my old work colleagues. They had already had contact with New Work SE and put me in touch with the team.

How did the application process work for you?

The application process was very quick and uncomplicated. I had a very open and pleasant conversation with my current team. In the interview, I introduced myself to the team and talked about the requirements and my qualifications. However, the focus was definitely on the interpersonal match and my handling of tasks in the work context.

How is the cooperation with your team?

Great! I have never felt so comfortable in a team before. We have a very open communication and fit together really well as a team. There is not much dissatisfaction in the team due to the constant exchange and a great willingness to help. By working as equals, everyone pulls together and feels responsible for the success of the project, even outside of the management position. The integration of me as a working student is also going great and I am a permanent part of the team.


What does your daily work routine look like? What are your tasks?

I don't have a classic workday. I got involved in the NWX23 project at the right time, so I had the opportunity to look into all the work streams and help out. I've been allowed to do everything from research, customer service, email marketing, speaker, attendance and sponsorship management to social media marketing and organizing the pre-event. Due to the dynamic environment of event marketing, it was daily tackling where the shoe pinched the most. Through this project I have had a great learning effect and can take a lot for the future.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of working as a working student with us?

The compatibility of job and university is very good at New Work SE due to the flexible work and the open structures. The respective teams allow a quick entry into the company and you are fully integrated into the team as a working student. You get the opportunity to work on important and exciting projects with a lot of personal responsibility. The office, the great colleagues and the events are another big plus. It was especially instructive for me to get to know the interaction of the different brands and to gain many different insights.

What professional goals do you have? Do you see your future perhaps at New Work SE?

I am currently still working as a working student at New Work SE. So far, I have had an unforgettable time and I can well imagine continuing this. Due to the many freedoms I had in my position, I was able to choose my favorite topic and would like to expand on this at New Work SE.


What do you like most about your job?

The open and relaxed communication at eye level, the varying tasks, the team events (both in a professional and private context), the great atmosphere (also on Mondays) and the collective will to turn large projects into a realistic vision and above all to implement them.

Do you have any tips for other working students who want to start at New Work SE?

Sure. I can recommend everyone to approach the application very openly and authentically – no standardized answers are expected, rather the opposite. We have very different characters here which create this special atmosphere. You are always greeted with a great deal of openness, patience and time to explore new topics. Reliability and the will to get to grips with new topics are a big part of a successful time at New Work SE – being brave and bringing fresh ideas to the table.

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