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XING Premium delivers new tools and features at precisely the right time: digital self-assessment, e-learning and online analyses

  • Discover your strengths and skills, and add to them online
  • Get a profile analysis along with insights to boost your visibility on XING
  • Premium members get Premium customer service
  • Selected Premium features are now free to all XING members in response to the coronavirus pandemic 

Hamburg, 25 March 2020 – XING, the largest online business network in German-speaking countries and NEW WORK SE subsidiary, has completely revamped its Premium offering. All XING Premium members now have access to new benefits. “We’ve been busy over the last few months to come up with new tools for all our Premium members that focus on their needs”, said Cornelia Villa, Managing Director at XING.

Discover your strengths and skills, and add to them online

A successful career is largely dependent upon knowing about yourself and your skill set. The digital self-assessment for XING Premium members and new personal strengths test combines scientific expertise with digital zeitgeist. The assessment analyses strengths, highlights areas to be developed, and uncovers untapped potential based on the renowned “Big 5” personality traits model. The tool was developed in collaboration with LINC, a spin-off from the University of Lüneburg.

A new e-learning section offers Premium members a wide range of content to develop themselves on a personal and professional level, with partners including Udemy, Bürgerakademie, Lecturio and Masterplan. The content ranges from professional networking courses to time management sessions and on to digital skills for new technologies. Members can choose the training and e-learning courses they want to take and then get started anytime and anywhere. 

In light of the current situation where most people are forced to work from home and ponder their future, self-assessment tools and digital learning offerings are just what’s needed right now.

Get a profile analysis along with insights to boost your visibility on XING

Improved functionality and profile insights were introduced to boost member profiles’ reach and visibility. First, Premium members can now see where other members found them and how often they visited their profile. Second, Premium members can see which of their skills are most sought after. Third, Premium members can get tips (in German) on how to draw more attention to and optimise their profile. 

Premium members get Premium customer service

All Premium members now have access to free regular live webinars to help them get the most out of their XING profile as an online business card. They can learn how to make their profile more appealing, how to boost profile visibility, and how to find out which of their profile details is generating the most interest among other members. Premium members now also have access to a Premium hotline for swift assistance and advice. 

“XING Premium has always offered a wide range of tools and services. We’ve added to them yet again to provide our members with ways to learn and develop themselves further. We consider this essential to New Work”, said Cornelia Villa, who also pointed out the other new additions to the Premium portfolio. As well as the new analysis to optimise their profile, Premium members can also take advantage of a free photo session (available in Germany when this is possible again) to get a professional photo for their profile. On top of that, Premium members receive contact suggestions based on people with similar profiles, interests and commonalities, along with work colleagues and employers. Premium members can also schedule birthday messages up to 14 days in advance.

In addition, Premium members get free access to a number of articles (in German) published by Harvard Business Manager. This offering used to be reserved for News Plus subscribers, but now comes as part of Premium membership. 

Selected Premium features are now free to all XING members in response to the coronavirus pandemic 

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has led to troubled times for many XING members now faced with considerable changes to their working life. Naturally XING would like to support its members throughout the current situation by enabling them to stay in touch with colleagues, customers and other contacts via the XING platform. To this end, XING has unlocked a number of key Premium features free of charge for all members until the end of April. As a result, all members can now send messages to non-contacts, add personal messages to contact requests, and view all pending contact requests to grow their network more effectively. 

“We want to help our members, especially during these difficult times. We hope that these free Premium features will enable our members to master their current professional circumstances”, Cornelia Villa added. 

About XING

XING is the leading online business network in German-speaking countries, helping 17.5 million members to work in line with their needs, preferences and circumstances. Professionals from every industry meet up on XING to look for jobs and seek out inspiration surrounding the latest career trends. XING’s broad news portfolio serves the latest articles and views, with the platform providing ample opportunity for networking and discussion on www.xing.com.


The NEW WORK SE Group builds upon the XING SE success story by offering brands, products and services that foster a more fulfilling world of work. Founded by Lars Hinrichs as the OpenBC professional network, the company was renamed XING in 2006. In 2019, the company was renamed again to New Work SE as a reflection of its commitment to a better working world and to bring all of its business activities under the umbrella of New Work. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006. NEW WORK SE is a central leadership and management holding, serving as a service department for its subsidiaries. The Group is headquartered in Hamburg and currently employs 1,900 people at offices including Munich, Vienna and Porto. Visit https://new-work.se and https://nwx.new-work.se/ for more information.

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