Oct 12, 2020 |

Find new hires the easy way – XING E-Recruiting rolls out XING TalentService for recruiters

  • XING TalentService helps recruiters find and contact matching candidates
  • Instant application and employer profile now optimised for mobile usage

Hamburg, 12 October 2020 – The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic led to a positive ‘digitalisation shock’ in the business world. The ripples of this effect have also reached HR departments which now rely heavily on digital processes to reduce their time to hire and beat the competition to the best candidates. To cater to this need, XING E-Recruiting is rolling out the XING TalentService this October. This new service automates and speeds up part of the active recruiting process for companies by applying a transparent and data-driven approach. The XING TalentService is aimed at companies without the recruiting resources available for such activities, and businesses simply looking for some additional support with their active recruiting work. XING E-Recruiting is launching this new product to the general public at the Zukunft Personal Europe Virtual trade fair from 12 to 16 October. 

XING TalentService helps recruiters find and contact matching candidates

Thanks to the XING TalentService, companies of all sizes and resources can now enjoy all of the benefits of approaching candidates directly, but without having to bind valuable resources and without any previous experience with XING products. This is how the service works: first, the customer supplies the requirements for the vacancy. Next, the XING TalentService consultants draw upon extensive XING data and technologies to draw up a longlist. Then, they contact potential candidates to find out whether they are interested in the vacancy. The customer can monitor the consultants’ progress at all time in their dashboard. A short time later, the customer will receive a shortlist of up to seven candidates, including information such as their qualifications, salary expectations, and cultural fit. The customer can then take over again and include the candidates they like in their regular application process.

By rolling out this new service, XING E-Recruiting is easing the burden on companies looking to outsource parts of their hiring process to seasoned experts. “The XING TalentService is our way of helping recruiters take a huge leap forwards in terms of digitalisation, in turn making them more competitive in the hunt for great talents”, said David Vitrano, Managing Director at XING E-Recruiting. The XING TalentService is partially automated and partially managed by consultants, allowing customers to focus more on people rather than processes.

Instant application and employer profile now optimised for mobile usage

The XING JobManager has a number of optimisations in store for job applicants. Today, 25 per cent of job applications are launched online. However, applicants often don’t have access to all the necessary documents on their mobile device, and the process ends up being so drawn out that 90 per cent of applications are aborted. The new instant application feature in the XING JobManager allows applicants to apply for vacancies swiftly and simply from the comfort of their smartphone. 

“The coronavirus pandemic is driving digitalisation, and companies should take advantage of this momentum to make sure they don’t get left behind on the labour market. This challenge calls for a simplified candidate journey to boost the number of applications a company receives”, Vitrano added. Ease of use and professional employer branding are now integral to the new employer profiles which were developed specifically for iOS and Android and deliver a modular structure that companies can tailor to their needs within a mobile environment. On top of that, employer review platform kununu has simplified its integrated employer insights where information about the corporate culture, ratings and salaries is available at a glance, while also offering companies the option of showcasing their employer brand in their employer profile.

For more information about products, along with useful advice and discussions with renowned HR recruiters, visit NEW WORK SE’s HR-focussed version of NWXnow (in German) between 12 and 16 October: www.xing.com/xing-live.


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