09/12/2022 | New Work SE, onlyfy

onlyfy by XING: the new perfect match brand for recruiting

New brand bundles XING E-Recruiting and Prescreen services and benefits

  • New Talent Acquisition Platform onlyfy one provides solution for increased recruiting requirements
  • Access to more than 21 million potential applicants in German-speaking countries
  • Board member Frank Hassler: “onlyfy makes it easier than ever before to find talent, heralding a new era in recruiting.”


Hamburg, 12 September 2022 – NEW WORK SE will be presenting its new onlyfy by XING B2B brand for the first time tomorrow in Cologne as part of the “Zukunft Personal Europe 2022” industry trade fair for the world of work. This strengthens NEW WORK SE’s brand portfolio with XING and kununu, the two major B2C platforms. The XING E-Recruiting and Prescreen core competencies, products and services have been bundled for onlyfy, and supplemented with new, innovative features. The new brand has been designed to meet the challenges posed by modern recruiting – with the aim of supporting companies in recruiting qualified professionals quickly and efficiently. The onlyfy one talent acquisition platform is at its heart; the first solution to enable holistic recruiting and support the search and acquisition of suitable talent by integrating active sourcing, passive sourcing and efficient applicant management in one place. This means that the intuitive SaaS solution is just as suitable for smaller and medium-sized companies, which are often not yet sufficiently digitally positioned in recruiting and have few resources available for sophisticated talent searches. The first companies to successfully use the onlyfy one beta version are Just Spices, waterdrop®, Snipes, Holmes Place and KG Media Factory.

New hiring as a strategic success factor

In a labour market where developments such as digitalisation, demographic change and, last but not least, the pandemic are forcing an increasingly dynamic transformation, finding suitable talent is becoming a decisive competitive factor for companies. onlyfy one facilitates recruiting by not only automating processes and simplifying complex procedures, but also by providing HR managers with smart support facilitated by AI. For example, the system suggests potential suitable candidates from the XING platform, which has over 21 million members, as soon as a job profile is created. This gives recruiters time to concentrate on what is most important: people.

“onlyfy makes the search for talent easier than ever before and heralds a new era in recruiting,” says Frank Hassler, board member of NEW WORK SE and responsible for the Recruiting and Employer Branding business unit. “Talent is in short supply in the new world of work. Companies need to remain competitive by recognising the role their recruiting plays as a strategic success factor and reposition it accordingly. This not only calls for a rethink, but in many cases more agile processes and a stronger digital focus as well. onlyfy one is the perfect solution for this ‘new hiring’. Its holistic approach enables companies to advertise jobs quickly and flexibly, involving all internal stakeholders such as specialist departments.”

“The one and only”: real-time support in the search for suitable talent

The established Prescreen applicant management system (ATS) forms the basis of onlyfy one, combining its benefits with the advantages a tool for passive and active talent search brings. Companies and applicants all benefit from this. Because it not only ensures an uncomplicated and smooth recruiting process from the company’s perspective, but also a positive candidate experience. Quick feedback, transparency about the current status and direct involvement of specialist departments are the keys to success – even more so in today’s labour market.

The benefits offered by onlyfy one:

  • Candidate recommendation and active sourcing in real time

onlyfy one sends HR managers recommendations for suitable candidates from the XING platform, which has over 21 million members in the DACH region, even as the job profile is being created. The “matching score” shows how well the proposed talent fits with the respective job description. The company can canvass suitable candidates directly from onlyfy one and invite them to apply.

  • Social media integration

Social media campaigns are a fundamental part of modern recruiting. onlyfy one is the first platform to offer an integrated solution for social media campaigns. It is simple and convenient for companies to place target-group-specific job ads on the social media channels of their choice, making efficient use of their budget. The system supports them in setting up campaigns so that they are ideally suited to the respective job profile, the target group they are looking for and the various channels. onlyfy one also takes care of campaign placement. The integration is done in cooperation with our partner TalentBait, which is one of the best-in-class providers in this field.

  • Increasing the reach

Just a few clicks, numerous channels: onlyfy one can publish job advertisements on a large number of job platforms – and so conveniently. More than 30 channels are directly included in the offer, with an additional partner able to reach up to 900 channels. Companies can store their own preferred job portal in onlyfy one.

  • Application via WhatsApp or the XING profile

Applicants can also look forward to very special features: for example, they can complete their application entirely via a guided WhatsApp chat if the company has enabled this function. Job seekers also have the opportunity to apply via a one-click application using their own XING profile.

  • Support for creating customised job advertisements

onlyfy one also supports HR managers in creating job advertisements using intelligent data analyses. The tool suggests optimal job titles and recommends suitable skills. You can also conveniently create and publish job advertisements in your own corporate design. In contrast to traditional ATS and other tools, onlyfy one creates a smart, seamless, secure and fast recruiting process that benefits employers and talents alike.

  • Transparency and efficiency in the recruiting process

Recognising that the potential direct manager is particularly important for talents, onlyfy one ensures that the specialist department, manager and HR department have transparent access to the entire application process.

  • Design tasks once, then have them completed automatically

Automatic reminders, messages to applicants and other workflow steps only need to be set up once. After that, they complete automatically. Best practice templates are already available for key tasks such as cancellations or feedback requests.

  • Learning from analyses and continuously improving

Reporting and direct feedback from applicants contribute to the ongoing improvement of recruiting. Valuable feedback can be provided directly on kununu.

  • Intuitive SaaS solution: always up-to-date

onlyfy one is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, and therefore always up-to-date, available everywhere and needs no pre-installation.

“onlyfy one is a real gamechanger in recruiting,” says Frank Hassler. “Its intuitive usability reduces the complexity of the talent search and at the same time accelerates the processes in recruiting and applicant management. Both are essential factors for a labour market where skilled workers are desperately sought everywhere. Any company can use the tool, and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular benefit enormously from the new solution. Those with few personnel resources in recruiting, or who are brand new to using digital tools for their search will gain a distinct advantage with onlyfy one in the competition for the best talents.”

Existing products will also be continued under the new onlyfy brand name. These are the onlyfy TalentManager, onlyfy TalentpoolManager (only in the onlyfy TalentManager Pro product), onlyfy Job Ads, onlyfy TalentService, onlyfy Employer Branding Profile and onlyfy 360Grad. New functions have been added to this solution to enable companies with onlyfy job advertisements to achieve greater reach and get more attention. From now on, job advertisements will also be disseminated across other relevant job platforms and social media channels – automatically and data-supported.

onlyfy one is available immediately and new modules will continuously be added. You will find all the information you need at onlyfy.com. Experience the new brand for the first time at Zukunft Personal Europe (Hall 4.1, Stand G02).

About onlyfy by XING

New work calls for new hiring. A new understanding of recruiting and new approaches to finding the talent that precisely fits the team, the culture and the company’s strategic challenges in difficult times. onlyfy by XING delivers smart digital solutions for this. The onlyfy one talent acquisition platform combines active sourcing, passive sourcing and efficient applicant management under one roof – creating a unique candidate experience. As part of NEW WORK SE, onlyfy joins its sister brands XING and kununu to offer its customers access to over 21 million talents in German-speaking countries as well as other efficient solutions for employer branding, active and passive sourcing. The onlyfy brand emerged in summer 2022 from the merger of XING E-Recruiting and Prescreen. For more information, visit onlyfy.com.


The NEW WORK SE Group builds upon the XING SE success story by offering brands, products and services that foster a more fulfilling world of work. Founded by Lars Hinrichs as the OpenBC professional network, the company was renamed XING in 2006. In 2019, the company was renamed again to New Work SE as a reflection of its commitment to a better working world and to bring all of its business activities under the umbrella of New Work. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006. NEW WORK SE is a central leadership and management holding, serving as a service department for its subsidiaries. The Group is headquartered in Hamburg and currently employs 1,900 people at offices including Munich, Vienna and Porto. Visit https://new-work.se and https://nwx.new-work.se/ for more information.


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