08/02/2009 | XING

Business network XING exceeds the 8 million members mark

Hamburg, August 3, 2009 – XING AG has gained approximately 1 million new members since the beginning of 2009. This takes the total number of members registered on Europe’s leading business network to more than 8 million for the first time. “This sustained member growth reflects the rate at which we are building on our clear market leader position in the German-speaking world over other business networks. XING’s international expansion also remains very promising,” commented Dr. Stefan Gross-Selbeck, CEO of XING AG.
Around half of the approximately 1 million new members registering this year are based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In total, more than 3.4 million business professionals currently use the platform from these German-speaking countries. This makes XING the most frequently used and fastest-growing professional network by far in its domestic markets. XING AG also acquired around 500 thousand members based outside of the German-speaking world during this period. Subsidiaries located in Barcelona, Milan and Istanbul help to drive the expansion of the international business network throughout Europe. Contacts are becoming increasingly valuable in professional life
A number of different studies have shown that both employees and top managers benefit from their own personal contacts – be it for new customer acquisition, the initiation of future partnerships or when looking for a new job or new employees to fill vacant positions. XING provides an ideal platform for members to manage and maintain strong ties with business partners, current and former co-workers and potential clients or employers, as well as making new contacts at the same time. Managers and experts from the broadest range of different industries connect up and network on XING. Anyone wishing to share insights and be heard within a particular region or industry will, for instance, find around 30 thousand specialist groups on the platform. One in four XING members is already a member of at least one group, sharing experiences and expertise with other members there. Job and career-related groups currently rank amongst the most popular, with up to 100 thousand members joining so far.
Alongside the many features aimed at facilitating professional networking online, XING events in hundreds of cities around the world form the ideal way to make new contacts in a real-world context. And this trend is on the rise: In the last 12 months alone, 145 thousand events were organized by members for members using the XING platform, constituting a 112 percent rise in events over the previous year. About XING:
XING is the leading European online business network. Over 8 million members use XING in 16 languages to do business, find jobs, and pursue a career. XING helps members get connected and stay in touch with their contacts with customized networking solutions and services. Members are active on XING because of the real value generated, with XING Jobs, around 30 thousand specialized groups, and over 90 thousand live networking events a year, organized by members for members.
XING AG went public in December 2006 as the first Web 2.0 company to do so. A continual increase in membership figures leads to increasing revenues and profits. XING AG is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and has local offices in Barcelona, Istanbul and Milan.
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