Sep 04, 2012 | XING

New “XING Connector” links applicant management systems with largest online business network in German-speaking countries

  • Interface developed as part of XING and Promerit cooperation
  • Applicants can use their XING profile details to apply for jobs online
  • Job ads from the applicant management system can be posted directly on XING

Hamburg/Frankfurt am Main, September 4, 2012 – Time and again, job applicants are faced with having to enter all of their personal details and upload CVs for every online application they submit. The longer it takes for people to apply for a job, the more likely they are to quit the application process before reaching the end. More than 5.7 million people in German-speaking countries use XING, the professional network, to maintain their online career profile. XING AG and Promerit HR + IT Consulting AG have teamed up to create a “XING Connector” interface that links applicant management systems with XING for the first time ever. This means that businesses can now post job ads on XING directly from their applicant management system while people interested in vacancies can click on the “Apply with your XING profile” button to submit their XING profile details as a quick and easy way application.
Post job ads on XING directly from applicant management systems
Promerit has integrated the interface with XING into its applicant management system so that it can easily post job ads on the business platform. As things stand, the interface can be integrated into SAP E-Recruiting, but in theory it can also be used with other systems. The interface allows businesses to post XING LOGO ads directly from their application management system. XING LOGO ads have a 30-day term and include graphics and the option to upload a PDF file with information that potential applicants can download.
“Apply with your XING profile” streamlines the application process The “Apply with your XING profile” is a new button that can be added into companies’ online application forms. People interested in vacancies can simply click on the button to submit their personal details from the XING profile to the company’s applicant management system, thus saving the candidate a lot of time filling in the application form and uploading any additional information.
Progress when it comes to applicant experience
“XING was our ideal partner for this new development as it’s the largest online business network in German-speaking countries where a lot of talented individuals have a structured CV and other business-related information, which is a big difference to networks such as Facebook that are primarily for private use”, said Andreas Schultejans, partner at Promerit HR + IT Consulting. “The XING Connector is an easy way for potential applicants to submit job applications, and also represents a major step forward in terms of a company’s applicant experience”, Schultejans added.

Further consolidation of position as Germany’s leading social recruiting platform
“Promerit HR+IT Consulting AG is an extremely experienced partner we teamed up with to integrate our Connector into their applicant management systems for the first-time ever. The cooperation with Promerit and its resulting new opportunities have consolidated XING as Germany’s leading social-recruiting platform”, said Stefan Schmidt-Grell, Marketing Director at XING AG.

Businesses can now use Promerit to apply to use the XING interface. By doing so, they receive a customized interface, the “Apply with your XING profile” button, and 75 XING LOGO ads. About Promerit
Promerit is one of Europe’s most innovative HR consultancies. Its management consulting, HR and IT consulting divisions offer everything a company needs to win the war for talent, including HR strategies, employer branding, e-recruiting and talent management systems through to specialist and management recruiting services. Promerit HR + IT Consulting turns HR management into tangible concepts, platforms and systems. With its unique combination of talent management and technical expertise, Promerit HR + IT Consulting enables its clients to adapt their HR management IT structures to meet current requirements. Visit for more information.
About XING
XING is the social network for business professionals. More than 12 million members worldwide use XING to boost their business, job, and career. XING is a platform where professionals from all kinds of different industries can meet up, find jobs, colleagues, new assignments, cooperation partners, experts and generate business ideas. Members can meet and exchange views in over 50,000 specialist groups, while also getting together at networking events. The platform is operated by XING AG, which was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2003, has been publicly listed since 2006, and listed on the TecDAX since September 2011. In December 2010, XING acquired amiando AG, a Munich-based company and Europe’s leading provider of online event management and ticketing. Please visit for more information.