Sep 24, 2012 | onlyfy, XING

New XING Talent Manager (XTM) takes online recruiting to the next level

  • XTM is an easy and low-cost way of accessing the largest candidate pool in German-speaking countries
  • For the first time ever, recruiters can work together in teams to look for suitable candidates or on joint projects
  • Long-term approach as top candidate profiles, candidate status and notes always stay within the company
  • Wolfgang Brickwedde, Director at the Institute for Competitive Recruiting: “Conventional headhunters are now facing stiff competition from products such as the XING Talent Manager when it comes to business clients.”

Hamburg, September 24, 2012 – XING, operator of the leading business network in German-speaking countries, will launch its new XING Talent Manager (XTM) product tomorrow at the “Zukunft Personal” trade fair in Cologne, Germany. XTM is a brand new product for recruiters where they can use a specially developed platform to access the largest candidate pool in German-speaking countries. Alongside a number of search, filter, and management features, XTM is the first-ever product to allow recruiters to work efficiently in teams so any potential candidates, internal notes, and employment statuses can be collected in centralized project folders and made available to other team members for further processing. As XTM is a corporate membership, all of the information gleaned via this product remains within the company, even if a recruiter leaves.

Stefan Gross-Selbeck, CEO at XING AG, said “As Germany’s leading social recruiting platform, our XTM product provides companies of all sizes with a tool to help them get ahead in the increasing battle for talent.”

XING called on a number of recruiters to put its new product through its paces during the development phase. The test group included the HR team at the E-Plus Group, a German mobile telecommunications operator. Dieter Meier, HR Department Manager at E-Plus, drew the following conclusion: “The current shortage of skilled labor means that HR departments are being forced to look for new ways to fill their vacancies. Social networks are a great new channel for recruiters as it allows them to contact potential candidates directly. The XING Talent Manager is another efficient and user-friendly tool that enables us to look for candidates as a team and then get in touch with them.” Wolfgang Brickwedde, Director at the Institute of Competitive Recruiting (ICR), said that “Social networks are being increasingly used to look for people to fill middle management positions. The Social Media Recruiting Report 2012 carried out by ICR shows that every fourth employer in Germany uses social media to help fill current vacancies, and this figure is set to rise in the future. XING is the first port of call in Germany when it comes to social network recruiting. Conventional headhunters are now facing stiff competition from products such as the XING Talent Manager when it comes to business clients. The XING Talent Manager is the Web 2.0 recruiting tool that has been long awaited among recruiters.”

Overview of XTM’s clear and efficient features

XTM comes packed with a number of features that make it quicker and easier than ever to look for and get in touch with potential candidates via XING. The linchpin of it all are the project folders as each XTM user can create new projects for vacancies they’re looking to fill and add their own project title. Suitable candidate profiles can then be added to the necessary folders at the click of a mouse along with any accompanying notes. Users can also add a candidate status so other team members are aware of the candidate’s current progress within the recruiting process. The integrated search feature will display up to 2,000 hits which can then be filtered based on a number of options such as current and previous position, current company, and previous experience to make it easier to find the right person for the job.

What sets XTM apart is the option for recruiters to work as a team as users can provide colleagues with access to their projects at the click of a mouse. This means that several recruiters can look for suitable candidates for a certain vacancy at the same time while also being able to follow the project’s progress. All of the information entered in XTM is stored centrally, meaning that it always stays within the company, even if a recruiter leaves.

Companies can acquire as many XING Talent Manager licenses as they need to meet their recruiting requirements. If an employee is absent for prolonged periods or leaves the company, another colleague can quickly take on their recruiting work for them. As with every XING product, XTM will continue to be developed over the coming months.

The XING Talent Manager replaces the former Recruiter membership and will be available from tomorrow at an introductory price of 165 euros a month per user license. From next year on, each user license will cost 249 euros a month. For more information about XTM, please send an email to or call +49 (0)40 41 91 31 784.

Link to ICR Social Media Recruiting Report (German only):
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