Jul 09, 2013 | XING

XING launches new member profile with great ways to build a personal and professional online presence

•    CV-based profile becomes a career portfolio
•    Available to everyone ranging from baker to dentist
•    Integrate tweets and blog posts

Hamburg, 10 July 2013 – XING, the leading online business network in German-speaking countries, is launching a revised profile. Up to now, member profiles largely revolved around their CV. This has now changed with the new profile giving members great ways to customise their professional online presence. By doing so, XING is opening the door even further to members with a somewhat unconventional career path. That way, freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, bakers and dentists will also be able to showcase themselves however they like.

The new portfolio is where members can present their successful projects along with any trade fairs or other events they attended and the products and services they have to offer by adding text and images. By integrating tweets and blog posts as well as selected XING-related content, users can provide profile visitors with a lot of content from outside of XING to really show what they are all about. The new XING profile boasts a fresh, modern design which goes hand in hand with a new tab structure and handy drag-and-drop features to ensure intuitive navigation and usability. Members will also be able to indicate their interest in career opportunities or let other people know if they are looking for a job. XING’s 13 million members will be gradually switched over to the new profile, and anyone interested can register now by visiting


Thomas Vollmoeller, CEO at XING AG: “The world of work is currently undergoing a major transition as it is becoming more vibrant and varied. Our new profile marks the tenth anniversary of XING’s establishment and offers our members a completely new product that allows professionals from any industry as well as freelancers to really show what they can do in a highly individual way.”

New portfolio showcases references and personal information
By adding a portfolio to member profiles, XING is providing its users with a great new way to showcase themselves. For the first time, XING users can add images and text as well as information for downloading as a PDF file. This “virtual showroom” that XING has integrated into member profiles allows users to create detailed product and service representations and also present any references they may have. Students looking to get a foot on the first step of the career ladder can also make good use of the portfolio by showing off their main study projects. Together with the rest of their profile showing the knowledge and working methods they have already acquired, the portfolio helps students to present themselves on the labour market in the best-possible way.
At a glance: The new XING user profile shows XING group posts as well as tweets and blog posts
The new XING profile bundles all kinds of information from both within and outside of XING to act as a hub for all professional information. The new profile integrates XING group posts as well as the user’s latest tweets and blog posts. The new tabs provide a clean and simple way to navigate summaries of the various topics with the last five tweets and blog posts now appearing in the “Other web profiles” tab. The user’s latest posts in XING Groups and XING Topics now have their own tab in the profile. Bundling all of this information helps to boost XING users’ professional identity and provide profile visitors with more information about the person they’re looking at.

Timm Richter, CPO at XING AG: “Our new profile makes XING so appealing that our members can dispense with the profiles they maintain on general career websites. This is because the new XING profile offers contact details, career-related social media channels, professional identity information, and of course a customisable digital portfolio. I’m convinced that the new profile will further boost XING’s appeal and help us to tap into additional target groups.”

Simplified job search and improved career opportunities: a new social recruiting approach
At the same time as launching its new profile, XING is also introducing an innovative approach to personal career development. Users can clearly indicate in their profile that they are interested in career opportunities or looking for a job. Profile owner will also be able to add more information such as their desired location and salary requirements so potential employers immediately know if that person would be suited to their vacancy. This information is also used as the basis for automatically receiving suggestions about new vacancies and is also useful for recruiters who may have a suitable opening available. The jobseeker status allows profile owners to decide who can see this information, meaning that passive jobseekers can choose to only show their interest in career opportunities to recruiters.
About XING
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