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XING launches Recruiter Insights, a strategic hub for managing recruiting processes and KPIs


  • Data hub gives recruiters the edge over the competition
  • Comprehensive performance analysis boosts HR reporting process
  • Now available to all XING E-Recruiting 360˚ customers on

Hamburg, 11 September 2018 – Recruiters are currently having a hard time on two fronts: first, they are faced with filling vacancies under difficult market conditions; second, they have to justify their performance to internal stakeholders if they fail to fill vacancies. This is why more and more companies are using data-based approaches to boost and optimise their recruiting process. To this end, XING E-Recruiting is now providing recruiters with even more support by rolling out Recruiter Insights at the Zukunft Personal Europe trade fair held in Cologne from 11 to 13 September. Recruiter Insights is a smart hub that collates and displays all of a company’s recruiting KPIs to recruiters so they can easily review and report on their performance, in turn enabling them to tweak their recruiting mix and find candidates faster. Data hub gives recruiters the edge over the competition From now on, recruiters no longer have to rely purely on their gut feeling as they can use the clear and comprehensive data provided by XING E-Recruiting as a basis for making decisions. Recruiter Insights collates all of the main data and KPIs from the XING E-Recruiting channels, ranging from the XING TalentManager to XING Jobs, and on to the ReferralManager and the TalentpoolManager. Thanks to the well-organised layout and structure, recruiters can immediately see which channels are performing best and then answer questions like “What is the response rate for messages I send out from the XING TalentManager?” “How many candidates bookmark my job ads?” “How many people set my company as an ideal employer on the XING platform an?” Recruiter Insights bundles all of these KPIs and more to provide recruiters with clear data that enables them to hone their recruiting process. The displayed data is always up to date, meaning that changes can be made at short notice to adapt to the given circumstances. That way, recruiters can move away from the post-and-pray approach in favour of a post-and-analyse strategy. This helps recruiters to make their processes more dynamic, in turn saving time and giving them the edge over the competition. Comprehensive performance analysis boosts HR reporting process Recruiter Insights provides a number of different ways to compare values with one another. Recruiters can review a certain KPI for two different time periods to see how their performance has fared. XING E-Recruiting also provides a benchmark known as Top Recruiter, which enables recruiters to compare their performance with that of top performers from the same industry. This provides recruiters with valuable information showing them where there is potential for improvement within the individual channels. The hub also provides the time-to-hire KPI, which recruiters can use to see how they are faring compared to other recruiters in their team and include it in their top-level KPI reports for the management.  Now available to all XING E-Recruiting 360˚ customers on XING E-Recruiting 360˚ customers can now access the new hub free of charge by visiting Companies that only use individual XING recruiting products will gain access to the service by the end of the year.

Download pictures here for media coverage. Press Contact: Felix Altmann Senior Communications Manager XING SE +49 40-419131-603 About XING The leading social network for professional contacts in German-speaking countries accompanies its members through the process of change in the world of work. Against the backdrop of skills shortages, digitalisation and a shift in values, XING supports more than 14 million members in reconciling work and private life as seamlessly as possible. Members are thereby able to use XING Jobs to search for a job that suits their individual needs, stay up to date with news offers on XING, participate in discussions, and find out about the changes and trends in the new world of work in the XING spielraum portal. At the beginning of 2013, XING strengthened its position as a market leader in social recruiting by acquiring kununu, the market-leading platform for employer ratings in German-speaking countries. XING was established in 2003 and has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006. It has been listed in the TecDAX since September 2011. XING members interact in around 90,000 groups or network in person at one of the over 130,000 professional events each year. XING has offices in Hamburg, Munich, Barcelona, Porto, Vienna, and Zurich. Visit for further details.

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