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XING reinvents employer branding

  • Culture analysis conducted to answer the question ‘what makes my company unique?'
  • Tailored employer branding solutions from the new XING Brand Studio
  • XING BrandManager offers accurate candidate targeting

Hamburg, 17 September 2019 – As the saying goes, ‘you join a company for the role, and leave because of your boss or the office atmosphere.’ A number of studies show that cultural fit is a key factor as to whether a new hire will succeed in the long run and remain happy at the company. More and more people now consider things like leadership style, collegiality and work-life balance more important than a high salary, a big title and benefits such as a company car. In spite of this, employer branding content is hardly ever a true reflection of a company’s culture, not in the least because there’s no standard definition of how corporate culture should be.

This is precisely where XING comes in with its holistic, multidimensional solution launched at the Zukunft Personal Europe exhibition in Cologne between 17 and 19 September.

Culture analysis conducted to answer the question ‘what makes my company unique?’
kununu, a XING subsidiary, has developed a culture compass, the first-ever tool enabling genuine analysis of a company’s culture. kununu is the original employer rating platform where employees can submit employer ratings and reviews in categories such as leadership, strategic direction, working together, and work-life balance. Employees can anonymously rate and review their employer in up to 40 out of 160 cultural dimensions from these four categories. kununu engage rounds out the portfolio aimed at better employer branding by offering a tool enabling companies to constantly assess and improve employee engagement. “kununu stands for authenticity and in-depth data which an employer can use to great effect when reshaping its employer brand as kununu delivers genuine insights into the real world of work. At this year’s Zukunft Personal trade fair we’re rolling out the new culture compass, which shows how employees perceive their employer’s corporate culture. Not only does the kununu culture compass enable employers to gain a better understanding of their company, it also makes it more tangible to other people, in turn significantly improving the cultural fit.”, said Sarah Müller, Managing Director at kununu.

The results help companies on a number of levels: first, employers gain a better understanding of what employees think about the corporate culture. Second, companies can use the results as a basis for defining what genuinely makes them stand out from the crowd, and then hone their employer brand accordingly.

XING CEO Thomas Vollmoeller said: “We believe that companies are successful when they foster an environment where people are intrinsically motivated and can do what they really, really want to do. To this end, culture is crucial to a company’s success as our experience shows that the battle for talent won’t be won by shiny benefits and conventional career ladders, but by offering a culture that enables people to be themselves and unleash their full potential. This forms the basis of our new employer branding offering.”

Tailored employer branding solutions from the new XING Brand Studio
How can the uniqueness of an employer brand be defined and, in particular, translated into a positioning, communication strategy and corresponding campaigns? This is where the new XING Brand Studio comes into play as the in-house agency’s service portfolio includes comprehensive consulting as well end-to-end campaigns developed especially for customers to help them find candidates who fit their corporate culture. This goes hand in hand with the combined strengths of multiple divisions – XING E-Recruiting, kununu and kununu engage. The depth of data and breadth of the portfolio are unique on the recruiting provider market. Here, XING aims to show what candidates can really expect from their employer, while also helping companies with their employer branding so they have everything in place for efficient e-recruiting processes.

XING BrandManager offers accurate candidate targeting
Up until now, XING was first and foremost a provider of holistic e-recruiting services with a portfolio of products that go hand in hand with one another. “Employer branding made by XING” now delivers an improved basis for achieving success with these recruiting products. Jens Stief, Managing Director at XING E-Recruiting GmbH & Co. KG, said: “XING is precisely the right player for elevating employer branding in the D-A-CH region to the next stage of evolution. Many companies out there, particularly mid-sized companies in rural areas, are still doing employer branding without really knowing what they actually stand for.” More than 6,000 employers already have a professional Employer Branding Profile to showcase their business among over 16.5 million XING members. The new BrandManager enables companies to target candidates even more accurately and serve specific company news. All of the results are recorded in a performance analysis.

About XING
The leading online business network in German-speaking countries accompanies its members through the sweeping changes taking place in the world of work. Against the backdrop of skills shortages, digitalisation and a shift in values, XING supports more than 16,5 million members in reconciling work and private life as seamlessly as possible. Members can use XING Jobs to look for vacancies to suit their individual needs, stay up to date with news on XING, join discussions, and find out about the changes and trends in the new world of work on At the beginning of 2013, the group strengthened its position as a market leader in social recruiting by acquiring kununu, the market-leading platform for employer ratings in German-speaking countries. The company was established in 2003 and has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006. It has been listed in the TecDAX since September 2011. XING members interact in around 80,000 groups or network in person at one of over 130,000 professional events each year. The group has offices in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Barcelona, Valencia, Porto, Vienna, and Zurich. Visit for further details.

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