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XING TalentpoolManager: tomorrow’s best candidates available at all times

  • XING TalentpoolManager: intelligent and innovative candidate management for employers
  • Always available: automatically updated candidate information
  • Know the right moment: XING indicates candidates’ readiness to change Jobs

Hamburg, 18 September 2017 – The professional online network XING introduces a new dimension to candidate management with the XING TalentpoolManager. The XING TalentpoolManager reduces the workload for your company and speeds up the time-consuming search for suitable candidates. Unlike with conventional storage systems or files, CVs of interesting candidates are automatically updated in the XING TalentpoolManager. This intelligent tool also automatically creates talent pools containing XING profiles of potential candidates for your company. Profiles from candidates who do not happen to be XING members can also be saved in the XING TalentpoolManager. This new tool can now be used as a standalone solution or as part of the XING E-Recruiting 360° licence package. This newcomer displays its full potential in combination with the products already available for your employee search. The new product will be presented for the first time at Zukunfts Personal, the specialist exhibition for human resource management in Cologne (19 - 21 September). Always available: automatically updated candidate Information                                                       The XING TalentpoolManager solves a recurring problem. Let's say, for example, a company receives an unsolicited application from a promising candidate, but for the time being there is no matching position. The application is usually stored statically – maybe in a spreadsheet somewhere. The same applies if any potentially promising candidates are recommended to the company. If the company wants to approach this person at a later date, the contact details may no longer be up-to-date or the candidate may have already found a new job.From now on, these problems are a thing of the past. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, the XING TalentpoolManager offers simple and intuitive management of candidates in different user-defined pools - all stored in a central location. The candidate profiles are kept up-to-date automatically because as soon as the person changes their details on XING, the new Information is automatically updated in the XING TalentpoolManager. In addition to this, the tool collects potentially suitable candidates for the company independently and without requiring any other interaction. So, the profiles of members who have specified the company as employer of choice on XING, or who are following the employer profile, are stored in automatically generated talent pools. In this way, the recruiting team has exclusive access to potentially interested candidates at a glance, can see if someone fits the requirements for a vacant position in the company and can approach them directly.        Know the right moment: XING indicates candidates’ readiness to change jobs                                 One of the great challenges for human resource managers is waiting for the right moment to approach a candidate. For instance, the chances of persuading someone to change jobs are dramatically reduced when the person has just been promoted within their company, has taken on a new role or has only been working for the company for a short time. Similarly, the occupation or industry has an influence on someone’s readiness to change jobs. In the background, a special algorithm is working, using over 50 criteria, to calculate the likely motivation for a job change of each of the more than 12 million members. It’s been a success. If a human resource manager contacts a candidate with a high level of motivation for a job change, the probability of a response is twice as high as for candidates with a low level of motivation. In this way, XING actively supports human resource managers in selecting the most suitable time to approach a candidate. At the same time, those members who have little interest in changing jobs do not receive unnecessary approaches. “A high-quality talent pool is essential, especially now at a time when skilled professionals are in short supply. With the XING TalentpoolManager, we are opening up a completely new kind of candidate management for employers seeking personnel. Because, contrary to many tools on the market, our product actually works for the human resource managers – not the other way around. The XING TalentpoolManager keeps all relevant candidate information automatically up to date, independently collates potentially suitable candidates for your company and indicates the best time to approach a candidate,” explains Frank Hassler, Managing Director of XING E-Recruiting GmbH & Co. KG. The XING TalentpoolManager is now available as a standalone solution at an annual price of € 2,498 per license. It has its fullest impact when interacting with our other recruiting products. The XING TalentpoolManager is now included in the E-Recruiting 360° licence package (  About XING                                                                                                                                         The leading online business network in German-speaking countries supports its members in mastering the transformations taking place in the world of work. XING helps its more than 12 million members to balance their professional and private life as well as possible within an environment defined by a lack of skilled workers, digitalisation and changing values. To this end, members can visit XING Jobs to look for vacancies that appeal to them, stay up to date with news offers by XING, or browse the German-language portal XING spielraum to find out about the trends and changes taking place in the new world of work. At the start of 2013, XING acquired kununu, which as the principal employer review platform in German-speaking countries served to strengthen XING’s leading position within the field of social recruiting. XING was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2003, has been publicly listed since 2006, and listed on the TecDAX since September 2011. Members can meet and exchange views in around 80,000 groups, while also getting together at more than 150,000 business-related events every year. XING has offices in Hamburg, Munich, Barcelona, Vienna und Zurich. Visit for more Information.

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