Jan 27, 2021 |

XING continues growth course with 19 million members in German-speaking countries

  • ‘A happy professional life helps unlock a person’s full potential.’
  • New editorial format ‘Zukunft.machen.’ offers guidance and inspiration

Hamburg, 27 January 2021 – XING, the leading online business network in German-speaking countries, continues to see strong growth with 19 million members in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland now enjoying the many offers tailored to every aspect of professional life.

XING is a personal companion for each member’s professional life in German-speaking countries, offering authentic exchange, careers guidance, job opportunities and individual assistance for sustainable member growth. XING Managing Director, Sabrina Zeplin, said “We want XING to help our members throughout their entire career and in any everday situation they may encounter, no matter whether or not they’re happy with their career, are looking for a job, are interested in networking or getting inspiration.”

‘A happy professional life helps unlock a person’s full potential’

By adopting a more individual approach to people’s careers, XING focuses on the things that matter most to members. A recent XING study showed that 42 per cent don’t feel they can be themselves at work, instead being forced to fit a certain mould. Almost half of those surveyed – 45 per cent – stated that they have private and professional personalities, despite 63 per cent of XING members saying they’d prefer to simply be themselves at all times. (Study involving around 1,000 XING members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland from September 2020).

„A happy professional life, coupled with appreciation and the right job to suit personal circumstances, help unlock a person’s full potential. We stand by this statement, which is why the XING platform is moving away from the old adage of ‘higher, faster, stronger’ towards the New Work credo of ‘more individual, more relevant, more happy’, Zeplin continued.

New editorial format ‘Zukunft.machen. ’ offers guidance and inspiration

The XING editorial team is always growing its news offerings to include help and assistance on work-related issues that help drive activity and engagement with the platform. The recently released editorial format Zukunft.machen. offers XING members guidance by giving experts a platform where they can cover topics such as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the labour market. Eminent experts so far include entrepreneur and model Sara Nuru who covered gender quotas, while ‘economics guru’ Prof. Veronika Grimm gave an interview in which she outlined new opportunities for the labour market following the crisis, and Wolfgang Grupp, Managing Director of textile company Trigema, who talk about corporate responsibility during the pandemic.

About XING

XING is the leading online business network in German-speaking countries, helping 19 million members to work in line with their needs, preferences and circumstances. Professionals from every industry meet up on XING to look for jobs and seek out inspiration surrounding the latest career trends. XING’s broad news portfolio serves the latest articles and views, with the platform providing ample opportunity for networking and discussion on www.xing.com.


The NEW WORK SE Group builds upon the XING SE success story by offering brands, products and services that foster a more fulfilling world of work. Founded by Lars Hinrichs as the OpenBC professional network, the company was renamed XING in 2006. In 2019, the company was renamed again to NEW WORK SE as a reflection of its commitment to a better working world and to bring all of its business activities under the umbrella of New Work. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006. NEW WORK SE is a central leadership and management holding, serving as a service department for its subsidiaries. The Group is headquartered in Hamburg and currently employs 1,900 people at offices including Munich, Vienna and Porto. Visit https://new-work.se and https://nwx.new-work.se/ for more information.