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New Work SE’s vision is ‘For a better working life’. UX pays into this vision by crafting the products and features that people need to shape their working life so that it suits their needs and preferences. By doing so, we have a positive impact on the professional lives of over 20 million people in German-speaking countries. If you’d like to be part of that journey, we’d love to hear from you!

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What’s UX at New Work SE all about?

The simple answer to this is: user satisfaction. We’re here to find out what people want and need from their job. We’re also here to turn this knowledge into innovative ideas and user-friendly solutions for our product and tech peers to build. 

To make this happen, we have a large team of experts covering information architecture, UX design, UX/UI design, design ops, communication design, user research & analytics, and UX writing. They all work together like a well-oiled machine to deliver on the UX mission and vision: 

Our UX mission:

We create insights-led design and copy solutions that have meaningful impact for both our user and business. 

Our UX vision:

As a world class UX team, we champion a culture of user-centricity to deliver a brand our users love.

What we advocate:

  • We drive user-centric products
  • We develop user knowledge
  • We act as the voice of the user
  • We work experimental & lean
  • We share knowledge and ensure alignment
  • We stand for high quality

Our values

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We drive user-centric products

Studentenjobs bei der NEW WORK SE

We develop user knowledge

Nutzerstimme im UX Design

We act as the voice of the user

Experimentieren im UX Design

We work experimental & lean

Wissen im UX Design

We share knowledge and ensure alignment

Hohe Qualität im UX Design

We stand in for high quality

What you can look forward to

The annual UX Summit

User Feedback Coffee (UFC): For quick insights.

UFCs are regular sessions where we meet with our members to gather direct, unfiltered feedback about… 

  • Initial ideas
  • Hypotheses surrounding certain UX aspects
  • Designs or wordings
  • Needs, preferences or specific scenarios. 

UFCs are held in our offices or online, and their format is a bit like speed dating: each of the four participating UX teams is assigned a user who’s shown, e.g. a prototype, mock-up or multiple designs, and asked to give feedback on what they see. After 15 minutes, the teams move on to the next user so they gather feedback from four different people in an hour.

Design spikes

Maybe you’ve already heard of design thinking. Design spikes are a variation of design thinking where at least two designers focus on a single task for a few days at a time. They may be designers whose paths don’t cross very often, so they have ample opportunity to get creative and try out new methods with one another. This is a fun way of sparking creativity, and you’d be surprised how many things you see on our platform that emerged from a design spike.

Copy workshops

How do you go about writing on behalf of a brand? How can words and phrases be as synonymous with a brand as certain colours, shapes and typography? Is that even possible in a user interface where everything needs to be short and snappy? It is indeed! Our UX writers offer regular workshops in German to show you how to write for your brand.

Design operations: keeping the wheels turning.

Design Operations

Our design ops team look at the ‘how’ within UX:

  • How do we work together?
  • How can we be as effective as possible?
  • How do we achieve maximum impact through our work?

By clarifying the ‘how’, our design, copywriting and research teams can focus on the ‘what’. Design operations focuses on software, tools, principles and processes, interface management, special UX formats, training, team events and onboarding new colleagues with a view to fostering an environment for maximum user centricity.

One-pagers: new ideas in brief

Many of our ideas are often followed by phrases such as ‘wanna bet that people will like it?’ These bets are then offered up to various internal stakeholders and departments to see whether or not they want to take them. This needs some kind of decision-making basis, which is where one-pagers come into play. They’re a simple, feedback-friendly way of sharing the problem, opportunities, risks and intended outcome of an idea, ideally leading to much better decisions.

SUNDAE Talks: THE conference for digital innovation

Serve User Needs & Deliver Awesome Experiences, or SUNDAE for short, is a mantra that pretty much anyone in UX would ascribe to without hesitation. The urge to get together and talk about this became so great that it became an annual one-day UX conference we set up involving people from different UX disciplines at various companies.


Check out the previous SUNDAE talks here:

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Design critique: Constructive feedback for designs

Criticising concepts and designs is easy. How often do we catch ourselves saying things like ‘I’d have done it differently’. Here at XING, we look at things from another angle by holding design critique sessions where people can give and collect constructive feedback and discuss their efforts. Check out our Medium article about this.

100% satisfaction:

Benefits at New Work SE


Health consulting services, accident and health insurance, company doctor and flu shots, height-adjustable desks, company pension, sports classes 


Mobile devices also availabe for private use, summer and Christmas parties, drinks, food & goodies, social and diversity day, mentor month, bus and train ticket, bike leasing 

Family & Leisure

Sabbatical and part-time options, remote work option, trust-based working hours, restaurant vouchers and employee discount, magazines of the Burda publisher, kids christmas party 

Development & Culture

Communication on equal terms, lived culture of failure, mood-o-Meter Feedback / questions for the board, personal development thanks to internal and external workshops, transparent, competitive salary, hackweeks

*Please note that not all employee benefits are available at every location. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy your time with us!


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Aaron Noack

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