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Team im Software Engineering

Software engineering at New Work SE is based on teamwork. We operate in various frameworks that help us to stay most flexible and enable us to adapt to changes and expectations. Further, we integrate new technologies in our daily work in order to develop products that shape the future working world.  We always keep an eye on new solutions that may refine our every day processes. Here, you will work in highly collaborative teams since we exchange our knowledge and experiences to grow together and individually and most importantly to ensure that our products are always state of the art

Do you usually think that changing for example a monolithic system with 13 years of development to a micro-services architecture is a challenging objective that would send a shiver down your spine? - Well, at the New Work SE you will find and overcome this kind of challenges together with your team. Everyday, each team contributes to our overall success and growth and you can be a part of it. If you really want to get stuff done and you would rather find ways to improve things instead of blaming others, you have come to the right place.

We work in different teams that are focused on different core projects. This distribution allows us to always improve ourselves and our work. At kununu, one of our sub brands, improving means for example changing our framework to webdriverIO, to allow us to create different types of automation tests, like E2E and Visual test. This way, we can be faster and increase reliability in our deliveries. 


Your first impression

Your tools

These projects are changing the future working world!


XING One is our GraphQL based API gateway for our frontends. It's a service built in Scala that allows developers to define bindings to our internal APIs via a domain specific language and let the platform take care of the rest: Authentication, observability, resilience, request coordination and a first class developer experience on top.



Olympus is our on-prem PaaS solution developed in golang on top of Kubernetes. Within the Olympus platform the developer will find a CLI tooling that simplifies the integration process including CI/CD and infrastructure as code.


your knowledge

Live and learn. 

Our employees are our most important asset. At New Work SE, you have the opportunity to not only develop yourself professionally but also personally. We support your individual interests and encourage you to share your skills and knowledge with our engineering community. Further, you will find examples of interesting topics, you might want to check out! 

Contract testing with enables you to use consumer-driven contract tests. It allows you to test each service in isolation, thus in an efficient way by stubbing external requests and at the same time ensuring that those “stubs” are an accurate representation of the external service. Domenico Angilletta, our colleague from XING, can give you even more details about this topic

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Dealing with data and communication in kubernetes

Learn how to set up a local Kubernetes cluster for development using minikube by implementing a very basic application. It is a blog application with impressions counter, in which various services are communicating with each other using Kafka and REST APIs. Domenico Angilletta, our colleague from XING, will walk you through the setup step by step: from launching minikube on your local machine for the first time to accessing the blog application from your browser.

Why you shouldn’t stick to one programming language or paradigm

Programmmieren im Software Engineering

If you want to list all programming languages and paradigms that you have used throughout your student life and professional career, you would probably not be able to capture all of them. However, in this article, Carla Urrea a dear colleague of ours, is trying to do so to see how many she actually remembers. Further, you'll get an impression why it is necessary to learn continuously even after becoming an expert in some language or paradigm.

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Coding a React Native app from an iPad, using a remote work station

React im Software Engineering

In this article our colleague Iban Dasca explains how his experience was coding from his iPad that was connected to a remote work station for the last half a year. After experimenting with it, he decided to start his own side project using a tablet with a 4G internet connection. The tablet functions as a display of a remote Raspberry Pi and an external keyboard.

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Your Benefits at New Work SE


Health consulting services, accident and health insurance, company doctor and flu shots, height-adjustable desks, company pension, sports classes 


Mobile devices also availabe for private use, summer and Christmas parties, drinks, food & goodies, social and diversity day, mentor month, bus and train ticket, bike leasing 

Family & Leisure

Sabbatical and part-time options, remote work option, trust-based working hours, restaurant vouchers and employee discount, magazines of the Burda publisher, kids christmas party 

Development & Culture

Communication on equal terms, lived culture of failure, mood-o-Meter Feedback / questions for the board, personal development thanks to internal and external workshops, transparent, competitive salary, hackweeks

In addition to our traditional employee benefits, you can also expect specific benefits in Software Engineering that may suit you.

  • Top-of-the-game technologies (Symfony, React, AWS, Next.JS, Node, Elastic Search, NewRelic, Kubernetes, WebDriver.IO)
  • Regular hack weeks
  • Products that we support and with which we change the working world of our users in the long term
  • Our tech culture. Transparency, mutual support, "getting-sh... stuff-done- mindset"
  • Continuous learning and the opportunity to go above and beyond

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*Please be aware that not all benefits are available at all locations. But don't worry, you will have a great time with us no matter where you work from!

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