NEW WORK Harbour

Pioneering tomorrow’s world of work. Together.

Each and every day we strive to take a step towards our mutual vision, for a better working life. The NEW WORK Harbour, located in the Hamburg HafenCity district, is home to all of our brands and unites us in pursuit of our vision. Our new headquarters follow a design concept tailored to your specific needs, providing you with an inspirational atmosphere and an inviting environment to meet and interact. It’s a vibrant hub and place for exchange between you and your colleagues as well as the many guests who pass through our doors.


Office-Home vs Home-Office

As an employee of NEW WORK SE, you can work half of your working hours from away from the office. In light of the pandemic, we want to offer you a place that is more than just an office. The NEW WORK Harbour provides things you won’t find at home, giving you a great way to strike a balance between work and leisure. It's a place you want to come to, but don't have to be permanently. The NEW WORK Harbour offers our employees added value - be it through the exchange with each other, the interior or the experience. We are opening a new chapter: Home office was the past, office-home is the future. 

Where "New Work" comes to life

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The world of work is changing. We at NEW WORK SE understand your desire for individuality, which is why we do all we can to let you shape your working life to suit your needs and preferences.

The NEW WORK Harbour underlines this by giving you an inspiring working environment geared towards a whole host of different needs. Here you will find spaces where you can concentrate on your work, exchange creative ideas or simply meet with your colleagues. Be it for yourself or with everyone in the team - the choice is yours.

Speaking of internal networking, you’ll also find a Kiezkneipe bar, a Harbour of Silence, a band rehearsal room, a record store, and a beach club on our roof terraces offering a majestic view of the port of Hamburg. Creativity and productivity require downtime and inspiration, and you’ll be able to enjoy both at the NEW WORK Harbour! Find the place that suits your work best and do what you really really want! 

A place to meet, discuss, learn and grow

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The NEW WORK Harbour is primarily aimed at employees. Nevertheless, it’s an open and welcoming place where we also invite non-employees to join us in our showroom on the ground floor, in our multifunctional event space, or in our ideation lab on the 6th floor for fruitful exchange about New Work and more.

Created by employees for employees

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The "New Work concept" is evolving all the time, and that applies to our working environment, too. When creating a concept for our new home, we asked employees for their opinions and ideas to come up with a starting point for our mutual journey. We then nominated change champions, colleagues in central roles within the company, to accompany every step of the NEW WORK Harbour journey. Ideas raised by the change champions were also put to the vote to make sure we arrived at a working environment that accommodates everyone’s needs. 

If you’re interested in joining NEW WORK SE or have any other questions, please enter your contact details below and we’ll get back to you.