We're always looking for new colleagues!

Get your heroes on board and build an inspiring team!

Maybe a friend of yours is looking for a new job? Is he or she talented and motivated? And you think he or she is a perfect match for New Work SE? If that’s the case – check the open positions and refer your friend to us.

We are always excited to welcome new colleagues!

How to refer someone.

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Spread the word

Talk to your former colleagues or family and friends about the opportunities at New Work SE.

Establish a conneciton

Send us the CV of your referral:

Choose the matching position for your referral and use the corresponding inbox to submit the CV.

Matching talent with opportunities 

At this point our recruiters take over and check if your referral matches the position you suggested them for. They will inform your candidate about the next steps.

You are in for a bonus

If your referral is a good fit and subsequently hired, you’re eligible for a referral bonus. 🥳


Monetary Benefits

What's in it for me?

Monetary benefits

..for all employees (including students & interns):

  • €1,000 gross for anyone hired at Associate / Junior Manager level
  • €1,500 gross for anyone hired at Manager level
  • €2,000 gross for anyone hired at Senior Manager level

Special bonus

…for people hired for the Software Engineering, QA & Product Management teams:

  • €2,000 gross for anyone hired at Junior Manager level
  • €5,000 gross for anyone hired at Manager / Senior Manager level


€ 2,000 for anyone hired excluding students & interns.

Who can participate in the referral programme?

Everyone working for the New Work SE can join the referral programme. Even peoplemanager and HR are now able to refer candidates. However, for directors and the recruiting and active sourcing departments, there will be a rule that only one bonus of up to 3k can be obtained per year. And of course you can not receive a bonus, if your referral is for a position, where you are involved in the hiring process anyway.

When is a referral really a referral? 

As soon as you submit the CV to your career team*. We will check if that person already applied in the past or if we already contacted them via active recruiting – in this case it’s not a referral. Also just sending a profile link doesn’t count.

*You'll be the "candidate owner" for the next six months. If the initial application is unsuccessful, but your referral applies and is hired for another position within six months, the bonus is yours.

When is a referral a lead? 

If you don't contact the candidate yourself, but let the HR team know that the candidate might be of interest to New Work SE, this is in fact a lead which our active recruiting people can follow up on.


Find answers in the FAQ

The respective recruiter will review the application. Due to the high number of applications we receive and due to data protection, we can’t update you on every step of the process. But we’ll let you know once we've made a final decision.

Sorry, but we can’t count this as a referral.

Sorry, it’s too late for a referral. Thanks for your commitment, but we can’t count it as a referral.

Yes. If the original application is longer than 6 months ago, just give it another go. People develop and maybe we just didn’t have the right position before. Please do however point out in your referral that the person already applied some time ago.

First come, first serve. Unfortunately, we can’t count this a referral.

Again: First come, first serve. The first person to submit the candidate’s CV (inbox date counts) will get the referral bonus if the person is hired.

Yes. If we hire a candidate for another position, you will still receive a referral bonus.

🇩🇪 🇦🇹
Bonuses will be paid out at the end of the month in which your referral starts at New Work SE. This will take place automatically and you don’t need to take any action for this to happen.

🇪🇸 🇵🇹 
Half of the bonus will be paid at the end of the month in which your referral starts, the other half after the internal probation period.

Yes, you're entitled to receive a bonus.

Sorry, after leaving the company, you are no longer entitled to receive the referral bonus.

Yes, after you left the company, you’re becoming an alumni and will receive an alumni bonus (€2,000).

Sorry, you are not entitled to receive the referral bonus.

When referring someone to New Work, you “own” them for 6 months after we end the process. The official end of the process is when we send out a rejection. After these 6 months have passed, you lose your “ownership” and would need to refer the candidate again in order to be eligible for a referral bonus.

The bonus is paid by the cost center the referral was made from.

Do you still have any questions left?

Fell free to contact us. 

We are here to help you and to answer all your questions.

Leontina Morvay

Recruiting Manager

Katharina Presulli

Recruiting Manager